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Articles about De RigueurMortis/Fatboy SlimDusty tour

Interview in Tabula Rasa by Ian Bennington, just before the release of DeRig.

Liner notes for TISM's contribution to the 4ZZZ fundraising CD Get Trucked. (external link)

Review: the Punter's Club gig, Beat, 06/02/02

TISM Self Storage reviews the Punter's Club gig, with pictures! *

Brent Edwards talks about the Punter's Club gig, 31/01/02

TISM extol the virtues of leaf blowers in the Kennard's Hire newsletter (.JPG, 113kb - stored at Brittletina to save space) - ta Jezza.

A-Z of TISM, from - thanks to Steph Edwardes for letting me have this!

Dianne Nguyen reviewed Honk If You Love Fred Durst in RMIT's magazine Catalyst.

Review: Honk If You Love Fred Durst, Time Off 12/02/02

Interview: Tsunami magazine, 11/01 (external link)

Press Release for TISM's Watershed gig, Perth, 01/01/02

TISM's contribution to the program for the Big Day Out 2002

Craplister Rodney Longhurst talks about the Watershed gig, 01/02/02

Review: Honk If You Love Fred Durst, The Buzz 02/02

Review: Honk If You Love Fred Durst, Drum Media 30/01/02

Interview with Ron, X-Press 31/01/02

Review: Honk If You Love Fred Durst, InPress 30/01/02

Review: Honk If You Love Fred Durst, Beat 23/01/02

A couple of photos of Ron doing BFW solo at the RRR Breakfaster's Christmas Show 2001. (external link - scroll down to find the links entitled "Ron Hitler Barassi says..." "...BFW")

Interview with Humphrey B. Flaubert, Drum Media, 11/01

TISM review The Ultimate Best of Cold Chisel, InPress 31/10/01

TISM Music News, InPress 31/10/01

TISM interview Area 7, InPress 31/10/01

Interview: The Courier Mail, 01/11/01

Review: De Rigueurmortis, Redbackrock, 11/01 (external link)

Interview: Redbackrock (external link)

Review: De Rigueurmortis, Rocknerd (utter shitcanning)

Review: De Rigueurmortis, The Electric Newspaper

Review: De Rigueurmortis, Ralph, 11/01

Review: De Rigueurmortis, Sydney Star Observer, 11/01

Review: De Rigueurmortis, dB, 28/11/01

Review: TISM/Fez Perez, Heaven 2, dB, 28/11/01

Interview: The Melbourne Times, 31/10/01

Review: TISM at Meredith Music Festival, Owen Brown for the Craplist, December 2001

Review: TISM/Legends of Motorsport, Prince of Wales, In Press, 12/12/01

TISM Unmasked, Patrick Donovan, The Age, 7/12/01 (external link)

Ryan Mooney's review of the Hi Fi Bar show, 27/09/01 - included here because the commentary is pretty funny and a couple of the photos are actually not bad. (I said a couple.*)


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