AGSMA at Anime Expo 2000: Mononoke Mountain
Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts

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AGSMA at Anime Expo 2000

Mononoke Mountain
Remain Seated Please
AGSMA is proud to sponsor this new production
Those with back or neck problems are not permitted to ride.
AGSMA, Anime Expo contingent makes an appearance at the Happiest Hotel on Earth
And it's different, because the sound worked!
Expectant mothers are not permitted to ride.
Not nearly enough time for all the costumes in the wardrobe
And a close call, almost as close as some Heat N Bond rescues.

Keep your hands, arms and legs inside at all times.
Two NEW students have joined the School of Anything Goes Masquerade Arts.
Kurumi and Natsume, Akane's "sisters".
Put hats, glasses and other loose articles in the pouch.
Everything has come into alignment.
The costumes will be from Mononoke Hime, owned by Disney
The skit will mainly come from Space Mountain, owned by Disneyland
The place will be the Disneyland Hotel, owned by Disney
And one of our props, will be courtesy the Disney Store
Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult
Due to the nature of Mononoke Hime, some children may be disturbed
We all hope you're taller than 48 inches, or else you'll have to wait outside.

Did you bring your E ticket?

Ashitaka and San
Welcome to the lands of the AGSMA AX2000 Experience
Currently there are eight wonderful themed lands.
As they say, AGSMA-land is never complete, and this convention report may expand.
A valid AGSMA passport and handstamp are required for re-entry.
Anime Expo 2000 AGSMA-land Souvenir Guide

Recollections of Anime Expo 2000, by Wayne
The Audio to Anime Expo 2000 Skit
Click here for access to AGSMA's Sound Vault

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Mononoke Mountain is a production by AGSMA .

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