AGSMA at Anime Expo 2003: Yu-Gi-Oh-My-God!
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AGSMA at Anime Expo 2003

Believe in the Heart of the Cards!
AGSMA is proud to team up with Darryl, Lance and Baby Neko Twins
I play two cards face down.
To form the Yu-Guild-Oh of Cosplayers!
AGSMA also welcomes a new member on board
Reveal face down card!
Two more of AGSMA assist Ah! My Cosplay
For Anime Chicks Gone Chicago,
You've fallen into my trap.
Ready yourself for a skit all about Yu-Gi-Oh!
And Darryl's favorite response over the script.... "My God"
This means I can attack your life points directly!
Well then, what are we waiting for?
Let's DUEL!

Yes, I believe in the heart of the cards!
What card to draw?
Darryl: Well let the heart of the cards guide you.
I'll draw.
Anime Expo 2003 Duel Monsters Deck

Recollections of Anime Expo 2003, by Wayne
The Audio to Anime Expo 2003 Skit
Click here for access to AGSMA's Sound Vault

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Yu-Gi-Oh-My-God! is a production by AGSMA, The Baby Neko Twins, Darryl and Lance .

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