AGSMA at Anime Expo 2001: M**N Sync
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AGSMA at Anime Expo 2001

M**N Sync
It aint no lie....
AGSMA will deny ever have having done the following production

This report could be all about....
But it's not!
Head on over to Phoenix Seed for that.
This convention report is all about
Commercialization in the Twenty First Century.... and


"Sick and Tired of Hearing All these People Talk About
What's the Deal with this Cosplay Life
And When is Gonna Fade Out?
Then You Gotta Realize What We're Doing is Not a Trend
We got the gift of Heat N Bond, Sculpey
Duct Tape, Athletic Tape, Hot Glue, Epoxy, Baroque Satin
Oops....I! Did it again. And got carried away.
We're Gonna Bring It to the End.
It Doesn't Matter, the Costumes I Wear
Or Where I Go and Why
All That Matters
Is that You Get Hyped and We'll Do It To You Every Time
Do You Ever Wonder Why?
This Music Makes You Cry?
Makes You Wanna Die?
Your Body Wants to Drop
And Baby You Can't Stop

Man, I'm tired of singing."

It's Your Turn Now to Sing. Pick a Song
Let's Karaoke!
Here's the AGSMA AX2001 Juke Box
Plenty of CDs for your enjoyment.
Too bad they're all Dirty Pop.

To Sing Along, Just Follow the Bouncing Jack in the Box Head.
Anime Expo 2001 Karaoke Machine

Recollections of Anime Expo 2001, by Wayne "Teh-Run-Ke-Sze"
Recollections of Anime Expo 2001, by Benma (Ranma-chan)
The Audio to Anime Expo 2001 Skit
Click here for access to AGSMA's Sound Vault

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M**N Sync is a production by AGSMA .

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