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Some UFOlogist suggest a cigar-shaped UFO ("pillar of cloud" , "by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light...") caused the parting of the red sea and undertook defensive measures against the pursuing Egyptian army.


Two shining silver shields dived repeatedly on Alexander's army, causing the elephants and horses to panic while they were attempting to cross the Jaxartes River into India.


During Alexander's siege of Tyre, a large flying shield, leadng a triangular formation of four smaller shields, circled over Tyre while thousands of soldiers on both sides watched in amazement.


A large star with many rays appeared and in the night she accended higher and flew in the direction of the Russians; afterwards she returned and went to the west, where the beams were extinguished.
It was during the war between the Russians, French and Germans.


Daniel Leger noticed a kind of 'merry-go-round' in the sky, beneath cirrus clouds and above the airfield occupied by the Germans at Raineries.


“The Battle of Los Angeles”
Photograph appeared in the LA Times.


British author Nick Redfern states, British Military records reveal that a fleet of flying discs -- called 'Foo Fighters' -- were launched from huge cigar-shaped Mothercraft during B-17 daylight raids over Germany in 1943. The huge aircraft-carrier sized Mothership cut through a flight of B-17 bombers launching its discs in front of the B-17 amazed aircrews.


Engaged in counterespionage duties in the Caribean. Sanderson, Ivan Terence.


Boris Surikov and his commander, Major Bajenov during a mission to Romania to bomb oil refineries used by the Germans encountered a large elliptical-shaped object that flew towards them.


Bill Steele, frequently observed V-1s (Vergeltungswaffen - retaliation weapons) being attacked by Royal Air Force (RAF) fighters, Observer Corps firing rocket signals to alert pilots, was operating an excavator at Fairlight Quarry near Hastings, Sussex. On two occasions he saw curious discs. The impression was of hub-caps, though a little larger, circling the V-1 and running alongside with ease. No effect on the V-1s, curious melodious whistle-like noise heard.

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Foo Fighters.


Foo fighters were also reported by allied bomber pilots flying over Japan. After the war, it was discovered that the Germans and Japanese had also been perplexed by the same phenomenon.



This photograph was taken by a plane film crew during World War II. The three white unknowns are part of the legendary "foo fighters."


Korean War


Oval UFO. Member of U.S. intelligence detachment.