UFO Radiation Reports

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Remote radiation detection, some noted in FBI and CIA documents occurring over government nuclear installations at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1950, also reported by Project Blue Book director Ed Ruppelt in his book


Test by professor Ernest Gehman and two DuPont engineers revealed a concentration of radiation at the landing site which spread over an area corresponding to the estimated size of the UFO.

|Cone|Dome|Glow|Interference|Landing Trace|Rings|

Trace amounts of alpha radiation were found on their [two Air Force radar technicians] clothing and strange marks were discovered on their necks.


A resident of the women's dormitory at Hillsdale College reported a strange object in the sky. County Civil Defense director William E. Van Horn responded and confirmed that a bright glowing object was indeed bouncing across a nearby hollow and then became airborne. J. Allen Hynek was a scientific consultant to the Air Force Project Blue Book and a UFO-skeptic at that time. Hynek, who died in 1986, dismissed the Hillsdale sighting as "swamp gas". Within 2 weeks, however, he changed not only his opinion about the sighting, but also sides in the great UFO debate. Perhaps it was the comments of Van Horn's report that sparked his "conversion". Soil analysis showed that on the very spot where the "swamp gas" had touched down, radiation levels were higher than in the surrounding terrain. More significant still was the finding that the ground was also contaminated with Boron, the element used to slow nuclear chain reactions.


Landing trace showed radiation.

|Disc|Injury|Landing Trace|

Beta/Gamma readings of 0.1 milliroentgens with peak readings in the depressions near the center.
Slight readings on Geiger counter.

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Radiation poisoning type symptoms.