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The six F6F "Hellcats" made visual contact with the object described as the size of three aircraft carriers side by side, oval shaped, very streamlined like a stretched-out egg and pinkish in color. The witness who filed this report said that some kind of vapor was being emitted around the outside edges from portholes or vents. The object was observed at noon in a clear sky at an estimated altitude of 65,000 feet. After hovering in a fixed position above the Hanford Nuclear Reactor for an additional twenty minutes, the object disappeared going straight-up as the six Hellcats limped back to the Pasco Naval Air Station (Washington).


Ensign Roland D. Powell and five other Grumman F6F Hellcat pilots were scrambled to intercept an unknown flying craft 'the size of three aircraft carriers side by side' hovering at high altitude above the top-secret plutonium production facility for the world's first nuclear bombs at Hanford.


Remote radiation detection, some noted in FBI and CIA documents occurring over government nuclear installations at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1950, also reported by Project Blue Book director Ed Ruppelt in his book


More than fifteen persons at the secret atomic energy project at Los Alamos, New Mexico reported they saw a UFO on the eastern horizon.


Four employees of the DuPont Company, employed at the Savannah River Plant saw eight "disc-shaped" objects approach the Ellenton, South Carolina plant. The AEC in Washington was advised.


A UFO that trespassed prohibited airspace at the AEC's Oak Ridge Laboratory in Tennessee at 10:58 pm. The UFO was observer by Ground Observer Corps volunteers and also detected by radar.


Captain Ruppelt, who directed the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book at that time, when viewing a folder of 63 mystifing UFO reportas that had been plotted on a map of the United States discovered that it showed "an ominous correleation" with the location of various atomic energy installations.

Four Florida pilots reported a flying saucer hovering above the Hanford atomic works, a sensitive scientific installation at Richlands, Washington.


ICBM silo Site 9. "These objects would hover over the silo and shine lights down on them without making any noise. So I'd call the base and the base would say, 'We'll take it under advisement,' but I never got a chance to see it, because I couldn't leave my post."

Philip Parker. Their plane was flying at about 1,000 feet as they circled the lake near the McGuire Nuclear Station, when they noticed three "bright objects" to their right. Pilot Mayhew gave his plane full throttle and they rose barely high enough to escape the UFOs, which were flying in formation 100 feet below them. Unnerved, as he was Parker was able to take one photograph of the three circular UFOs above Lake Norman.

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One Air Force veteran, Robert Salas, reported how UFOs buzzing missile silos at Malmstrom Air Force Base managed to shut down more than a dozen Minuteman nukes in Montana during March 1967.

Launch Control Center (LCC) monitoring the status of ten nuclear missiles ( ICBMs) early morning hours. UFO hovering above the front gate.


The object displayed a distinct whirling motion, as it rotated about its central axis. Reported R.C. Hecker, an investigator for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization.


Actually, more widely publicised UFO snooping into restricted space around nuclear weapons systems occurred in the autumn of 1975. That's when security forces at Loring, (Maine), Wurtsmith (Michigan), and Malmstrom (again) Air Force bases were scrambled - in vain - to apprehend the intruders.

The white strobe and reddish orange lights of an unidentified object were seen descending to within 300 yards of a weapons dump containing nuclear bombs.


A series of sightings occurred at Malmstrom Air Force Base and several Intercontinental Missle launch control sites in Montana, as well as Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.


Pilot Frank Auman, Jr. and UFO investigator Arlan Keith Andrews were flying in a private plane near the Savannah, Georgia Nuclear Plant. They saw a bright white UFO maneuvering in the area for four or five minutes. It made a "slight wobble" and then a hard turn, before it flew away. Jacksonville Control Center personnel at Jacksonville, Florida confirmed three UFO sightings(either radar or visuals) by pilots at the site.


Arlan K. Andrews is a MUFON Consultant and State Director in Indiana. On March, 1978 several persons described seeing two "milky white" UFOs flying side by side at treetop level at the McGuire Nuclear Station near Triangle, North Carolina.

McGuire Nuclear Station. When UFOs again visited the same location, the power fluctuated, before the UFOs left the area. Security guards, when questioned by me on the phone, told me that such UFO incidents were to be made directly to AEC headquarters.


Gary Fortenberry and Jimmy Bumgarner, two employees at the McGuire Nuclear Station were driving to work on Highway 73 at the Catawba River(Lincoln County) when they watched a dull silver oval UFO with "four legs" above a nearby fogbank.


Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ruppe of Gaffney. It was orange-yellow in color and made a high-pitched sound as it crossed the power lines and moved east in direction of the Cherokee Nuclear Station.

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Guards at the Indian Point nuclear power plant on the Hudson River, New York sighted a dark disc-shaped object with lights, 30 feet in diameter, that stayed over the nuclear reactor for 15 minutes. It finally flew away toward the northeast.

|Disc|Atomic|Hover|Power Plant|

UFO over nuclear plant causes alert and electrical failure.

|Atomic|Power Plant|

Twelve security guardes watched as a boomerang-shaped object hovered for more than ten minutes directly above one of the reactors of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

|Boomerang|Hover|Power Plant|

A very large boomerang-shaped UFO hovered only 300 feet over an active vent of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant cooling tower for 15 minutes on the Hudson River in Westchester County, New York. Several guards came forward to report the incident, reporting there were a total of eleven witnesses to the UFO at the plant that night, and that the security guards broke out shotguns. A big cover-up by government officials was claimed.

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