UFO Reconnaissance - Armament Production

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That evening a large number of flares and blinking lights were reported from the vicinity of defense plants.


Note: Peenemunde was 130 miles west of Gdynia, where the Germans developed the V-1 flying bomb, the V-2 rocket and other weapons under the direction of Wernher von Braun. Daniel Leger assumed it was a German experimental craft.


Unknown flying craft 'the size of three aircraft carriers side by side' hovering at high altitude above the top-secret plutonium production facility for the world's first nuclear bombs at Hanford.


Mysterious green fireballs began to make frequent appearances over highly-restricted areas in the southwestern United States. The large number of sightings alarmed the United States Air Force (USAF).


Fast moving Ellipsoid object over White Sands Proving Ground, Holloman Air Force Base, and Los Alamos.


An 'egg-shaped' craft of fantastic size traveling at incredible speed of three to four miles a second.


Missles being fired at, and evidently destroyed by, a giant UFO. The missiles were part of a new defense system installed around Moscow. A gigantic discoidal UFO reportedly appeared at about 12 miles' altitude, along with several smaller discoidal UFOs. A salvo of missles was fired. All the missles exploded about two miles from the target. Before more missles could be launched, the smaller UFOs reportedly took action neutralize all electrical equipment at the missle facility. The equipment resumed functioning when the smaller UFOs departed, Bears similarities to the alleged destruction of an American Atlas missle by a UFO.


A UFO was reportedly caught on film as it flew near an Atlas F missle during a test on September 15, 1964. The missle was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and was tracked by a television camera attached to a telescope. The UFO allegedly flew around the missile and emitted several brilliant flashes of light. Moments later, the missile went out of control at an altitude of approximately 60 miles.


The white strobe and reddish orange lights of an unidentified object were seen descending to within 300 yards of a weapons dump containing nuclear bombs.


UFOs were observed flying in formation over a weapons storage area.


Reddish/green object hovering over the Jet Propulsion Laboratory site.