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FerruccioFerrucio Busoni, a piano virtuoso was a successor to Liszt, and the superior of Rachmaninoff and Paderewski. Busoniprophet of electronic music - ".....one day, it seemed clear to me that the full flowering of music is frustrated by our instruments ....in their range, their tone, what they can render, our instruments are chained fast and their hundred chains must also bind the composer" 

Pierre Schaeffer Pierre Schaeffer received his diploma from: L'Ecole Polytechnique in France, was the first to loop music!- Inventor of Musique Concrete - engineer and broadcaster had profound effect on music!

Edgard Varese - Varese "refused to submit to sounds that have already been heard". Some of his friends included: Picasso, Duchamp, Lenin Trotsky, Russolo, and many more!
inspired by Busoni and Debussey -
"I long for instruments obedient to my thought and whim, with their contribution of a whole new world of unsuspected sounds, which will lend themselves to the exigencies of my inner rhythm"

Frank Zappa - Zappa was inspired by Varese, and almost got to meet him!thoughts on Varese

More pictures of Varese
- Check out the diagram of: Poem Electronique

Frank Zappa Website
- My first two albums were: 'Overnight Sensation' and 'One Size Fits All'! Zappa, Varese, and Busoni have been a big influence on me!

Evelyn Glennie - Evelyn Glennie is a master percussionist, featured on a beautifully done, fun web site!



I am looking for a secure position in the entertainment industry, utilizing my talent, and the various skills accumulated in my history, while nurturing my development as a performer, producer, and teacher. Contact me for a complete version of my resume!

Participation Brentwood High School

  • Marching                 Drum Major & DrillmasterTympani drummer, universal musician: Vince Schaefer

  • Symphonic              Alto Horn

  • Concert                  Tympanist & Percussionist

  • Stage & Jazz          Drumset

Touring Participation  Marching Organizations

Teaching Experience: Arranging, Coordinating, Managing, Teaching drum-line programs

Administration Experience:  Management and coordination of marching organizations

Performance Experience    Drumset

  • Rx Band                        musical director/drummer             Entertainment Unlimited

  • Betty Holiday Review   drummer for R & B and Pop music      various management

  • DanceKats                    drummer triggering electronics     Entertainment Unlimited

  • Pink Poodle Jazz Cafe   jammed with various famous jazz musicians playing drums

  • Church Experience     drummer/percussionist     Brentwood Presbyterian, Saint Basils, Lebanon Church Presbyterian, Saint Sylvesters'

Touring Performance Experience      Drumset, Arranging, SequencingDrumming, teaching and producing music is what Vince loves to do! (flipped picture)

Solo Recordings

  • A Drummers Laugh  Common Laugh Productions - Solo drummed melodic recording  

  • Communicative Saturations  Vince Schaefer - first self produced drum solo recording

  • A Midlife Recital      Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Feature class, performance and recording

  • Wizard Obligation    Common Laugh Productions - CD includes video clips and pictures
    To see more information about the albums, click:
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    Limited Engagements

  • Dennis Warner          freelance drumming with guitar player

  • Vonne Andring          duo with midi sequencer and singer

  • Anne Pavlik               new singing talent with music from solo CD

  • Speigles' Big Band    funk music from well known big bands

  • Stormcrow                      two drummers in a rock band!    

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