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Mackie SRM 450 Monitor/Loudspeaker System Mackie SRM 450 loudspeakers are very loud, with great clarity, they have a big bass sound, and are small and light!!

Incredible bi-amplified, active cross over, servo controlled, auto-on monitors that are loud enough to rock a pretty big room. Iíve played with 4000 watt systems in the past that were not this loud. Unbelievable bass, brilliant clarity, and two only take up half my trunk. The two that were just added to the system keep me cranking in stereo! If you didn't understand the first sentence, look below for definitions.

  • Bi-amplified = Two amplifiers power this speaker, a 300 watt for the bottom with a 540 watt peak, and a 100 for the top with a 150 peak. Each amp has its own compressor circuit that acts when the input signal is large enough to cause clipping, distortion, and excessive voice coil heat. The compressor will automatically decrease the input signal to a safe level. The compressor in the low frequency amp works independently from the other amp. The low frequency amplifier also has a sweeping filter. This will automatically move the low cut off frequency up or down depending on the amp output. If the amplifier is below clipping, the low frequency cut-off point is 55Hz. As it approaches clipping, this shifts up smoothly to 120Hz, providing more power reserves and less distortion before clipping. This happens quickly and continuously, protecting the amp and woofer, and reducing any noticeable distortion.  Rear view of the phenomenal Mackie SRM 450 active two way loudspeaker system, used by Vince in his solo electronic music!

  • Active Crossover = The built in crossover is a 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley design, whish includes: absolutely flat frequency response throughout the bandpass, without the characteristic ripple near the crossover point exhibited by other designs; sharp 24 dB per octave roll off of the filters ensures that the transducers aren't reproducing frequencies outside of their capabilities; the acoustic sum of the two driver responses is unity at the crossover frequency, resulting in perfect phase response, with phenomenal accuracy, even 20 feet away!   Controls on the rear of the Mackie high powered speaker system show gain/level control, timed turnoff, power switch, contour, and low cut buttons, and balanced input and through!

  • Servo- Controlled = The low frequency amp uses a servo feedback loop which senses the current flowing in the woofer coil. This controls the low frequency response and maintains low distortion at high output levels.

  • Auto-On = turns the speaker on and off automatically based on signal presence. 

  • The Tranducers = feature a 12" high power low frequency woofer and a 1.75" titanium diaphragm high output precision compression driver. 
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