Drum Music, Electronic; with Vince Schaefer Real Audio Music on: Drum Music Electronic, with Recording Artist Vince Schaefer

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Real Audio files that are 20 - 50 seconds long, download in Singing and drumming music is what this artist does, using modern musical equipment! seconds, to sample this modern Vince Schaefer drums music on a DrumKAT Turbo percussion controller composer, midi live performer, independent artist and electronic  percussionist: Vince Schaefer These are technically drum solos, played with many conventional and traditional instrumentation set ups. I've worked out the poly rhythms and the stochastic qualities of the music, to emulate a small ensemble, live, with no sequencers. I'm proud of the drummed guitar parts I play in my solos! Samples below!

To hear examples of the newest music click here!

Super DJ (new unreleased tune) March 2001, live performance!

Teasin (new unreleased tune) March 2001, live performance!

Rhetoric Kills (do your own math) from the A Drummers Laugh album, used a Marshall pre-amp to enhance the guitars. Fooled many guitar players with this one! 

Acoustic con Tiempo is a great example of drummed acoustic guitar, from A Drummers Laugh

Always Knew  (I could play this thing) a one take, piano solo with a small percussion line added,  and closes the album: A Drummers Laugh and the television production: Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schafer

Ducks Aligned (in a row) is a drum set based song on the A Drummers Laugh album, with bass and guitar accompaniment.

Electric Rules (vacuums suck) ended up being the only true Drum Solo on the A Drummers Laugh CD album

One Happy Day (many bad) also from the A Drummers Laugh recording, a pop, dance, happy tune, that's pretty busy

Space Dude was cut and spliced by record producer: Chaz Ipson of Gorby Run, using samples from Something I had To Play

Conga - Bongo on the Wizard Obligation album, was performed live for the Television show: Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer

Fridge Crystals was performed live, demonstrates some jazz drumming skills, and starts the Wizard Obligation CD rom which includes video samples and drum pictures

Involved Evolution utilizes a bass line, along with guitar and electric piano and of course drums, performed live for Wizard Obligation

Something I Had to Play (without you) from Wizard Obligation, was played live, and also recorded on the A Drummers Laugh CD album

Youth Basket is drummed live for the Wizard Obligation album

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