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Being a midi live performing and recording artist it only seems fair to offer a few files. The Rhetoric Kills file, is the exact file used to record the album. Being that I perform using midi, I can record, also utilizing this format. In fact, most artists record the drums and keyboard DrumKAT MIDI percussion controller, the center of electronic drum set, using Alesis QSR and Roland R-8 for sounds parts using midi, so things can be easily edited, before bringing in guitars and singers. I have a tremendous amount of musical power with my midi set up, using keyboard and drum controllers, for recording and playing live. 
The DrumKAT picture shows the addition of the RimKAT, used as a conventional rim-shot, below Pads 1 &2 which are usually programmed: snare drum. Three, two zone PoleKATs are utilized for cymbals and timbales, and nine pedals, and a breath controller add more dimension to this performance. The sustain pedal under the left heel is the tricky part, and required new coordination skills, which are still developing. 
Check out my original Drum Solo Music!

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