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1. John E. Worsham was b. abt. 1810 VA. (50-1860; 58-1870) He married Catherine bef. 1841. She was b. abt. 1818 of Baltimore, MD. There is a Civil War Pension application for John E. WORSHAM Sr, widow Catherine, rank Master at Arms, Colfax, wid appl #17488.


1.1. Albert E. Worsham b Mar 1841 of Baltimore, MD; d. 9 Apr 1920 of Baltimore, MD.(19-1860; 78-1920) He married Mary E. She was b. Apr 1846 of Baltimore, MD.


1.1.1 Ella Virginia Worsham b. Jul 1865 of Baltimore, MD.

1.1.2 Alice V. Worsham b. Aug 1867 of Baltimore, MD.

1.1.3 Joseph W. Worsham b. Aug 1868 of Baltimore, MD. He may have had a son, Joseph G. Worsham, b. Oct 1886 Baltimore, MD who was Albert Worsham’s grandson in the 1900 census.

1.1.4 William W. Worsham b. Apr 1871 of Baltimore, MD.

1.1.5 Gertrude Worsham b. Sep 1880 Baltimore, MD.

1.1.6 Adelaide Worsham b. Oct 1884 Baltimore, MD.

1.2. John E. Worsham b. Jan 1843 of Baltimore, MD. He md. Fannie b. Aug 1843 of Elizabeth City, VA. Civil War Pension application for John E. WORSHAM Jr, landaman, Brandywine, Valley City, Allegheny, Atlanta, Minnesota, #22582,13516. In 1870, John age 27 worked as a boilermaker. In the 1900 Elizabeth City, VA census, John E. Worsham Jr, is living at the National Home for DVS.

1.3. Sarah Worsham b. abt. 1845 of Baltimore, MD.

1.4. Henry Worsham b. Feb 1849 of Baltimore, MD. He md Alice b. Nov 1863 DE. In 1870, Henry worked as a boilermaker in Baltimore, MD.

1.5. George W. Worsham b. Aug 1850 of Baltimore, MD. He md Anna Elizabeth bef. 1872. She was b. abt. 1855 of Baltimore, MD. Children of George Worsham and Anna are:

1.5. 1. John Henry Harry Worsham b. Aug 1872 of Baltimore, MD. Child: Milton H. Worsham b. Aug 1894 Baltimore, MD.

1.5.2 George William Worsham b. Jul 1874 of Baltimore, MD. He md Lillie M. abt. 1904 Baltimore, MD. She was b. 2 Dec 1877 of Baltimore, MD, and d. Dec 1963 of Baltimore, MD.

Child: Dorothy L. Worsham b. abt. 1905 Baltimore, MD

1.5.3. Bell Mary Elizabeth Worsham b. Aug 1878 of Baltimore, MD.

1.5.4. Sidney M. Worsham b. Mar 1882 Baltimore, MD. He md Catherine Lahuer abt. 1906 Baltimore, MD. She was b. 23 Aug 1884 of Baltimore, MD, and d. Jul 1966 Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. Children: Jennie Worsham b. abt. 1907 Baltimore, MD. Henry Worsham b. 7 Mar 1908 Baltimore, MD; d. Feb 1984 Orange City, Volusia, FL. Marie Worsham b. abt. 1911 Baltimore, MD. Annie Worsham b. abt. 1914 Baltimore, MD. Louis Worsham b. 9 Oct 1916 Baltimore, MD; d. 11 May 1994 Baltimore, MD. John Worsham b. 24 Feb 1918 Baltimore, MD; d. 10 Jun 1991 of Baltimore, MD.

1.5.5 Benjamin C. Worsham b. Jul 1891 Baltimore, MD. He md Margaret abt. 1911 Baltimore, MD. She was b. abt. 1888 of Baltimore, MD. Children: Evelyn Worsham b. 1912 Baltimore, MD. Clinton Worsham b. abt. 1917 Baltimore, MD. Leroy Worsham b. abt. 1919 Baltimore, MD.

1.5.6 Edgar A. Worsham b. Nov 1892 Baltimore, MD. He married Olive abt. 1917 Baltimore, MD. She was b. abt. 1898 of Baltimore, MD. Child: Jennie Worsham b. abt. 1918 Baltimore, MD.

1.6. Harry Worsham b. abt. 1855 of Baltimore, MD.

1.7. Mary R. Worsham b. Oct 1858 of Baltimore, MD.

1.8. Alice Worsham b. abt. 1861 Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.

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