Richard B. Worsham

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1.  Pvt. Richard B. Worsham Co. B, 2nd Ky. Inf. Killed in cavalry service. Images taken from the 1895 Membership Annual of the Confederate Veteran Assn. of Kentucky (5th Edition, Lexington). In the great majority of cases, the images in this book have been altered from originals by having uniforms drawn onto them ... they normally do not show original uniforms. The exceptions to this may be the image of Richard Worsham, 2nd Kentucky Infantry. This page presents unpublished or less commonly seen images of Orphan Brigade soldiers and veterans, with an emphasis on the enlisted men of the Brigade. For other images of Orphan Brigade soldiers, see Thompson's "History of the Orphan Brigade."

Picture from Orphan Brigade Photo Gallery, 2000


Andrew b. 1795 Harriet Emiline James & America John & Eliza John Archer John E. & Catherine John & Margaret John W. & Mary C. Richard B. Worsham Richard T. Worsham William Sarah Afro-American Families Barbados Worsam's England Worsham's