Richard T. Worsham

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Richard T. Worsham "Dick"


1. Richard T. Worsham "Dick" was born bef. 1865 of Vandalia, Audrain Co., MO, and d. 1897 in TX. This Richard may be Richard Amos Worsham on page 388 of the Worsham and Washam Family History. He is in the 1850 Pike Co, MO cens, living with Martha Worsham, as Richard, age 7 & the 1860 Calumet, Pike Co, MO cens, Richard Worsham, Richard Y?, age 19, on p. 310. The Richard Worsham that Richard Y? Worsham lived with was his uncle, Richard b. Sep 15, 1806. On page 388: "Richard Amos Worsham b May 1842 Pike Co., MO. (7-1850) On 18 Aug 1859, he is a miner of 16 years old on 1st of May." Richard probably md Gussie Collins bef 1881 of Audrain, MO. "The Intellgencer 1894-1896" by Frances E. Quesenberry, A Publication of Audrain Area Gen. Soc., 1992, page 96: "Mrs. R. T. Worsham died at her home near Thompson Sunday. She was in her 43rd year and leaves a husband and five children, TI Jan 30 1896 8/2." Therefore she was born abt. 1853 of Audrain, MO, and d. 26 Jan 1896 in Audrain Co, MO. "J. H. Laird received a letter from Texas announcing the death of Dick Worsham formerly of this city. His wife was formerly Miss Gussie Collins, Sep 30 1897 8/5" (Genealogical Extractions From The Vandalia Leader 1876-1898, Vandalia, Audrain Co., MO by Cheryl Oberhaus, Audrain Co. Area Gen. Soc, Mexico, MO, 1992 p 82)

Possible child of Richard and Gussie:

1.1 Cora B. Worsham b. Aug 1881 MO. Gene Pools has Cora B. Worsham’s father as Richard, with no additional information.


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