La mystification démocratique - suite
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In the April-June 1969 issue of Invariance (Series 1 number 6) were published the first chapters of a work called 'La Revolution Communiste - thèses de travail'. The intention was an ambitious one - as Camatte explains in his 1991 introduction to the texts which follow it was to develop a communist programme through a work which would « show the importance of the theoretical phenomenon », help «  create a powerful centre capable of supporting the divergent flows which appear at a time of revolutionary upheaval », « Show the originality/specificity of the communist left of Italy (…) and particularly the contribution of Bordiga » and « to reveal in what way a new phase had appeared,and in consequence to delimit the new tasks which imposed themselves ». Chapter five of this work was about democracy. However only the first two parts of it were published, and the second of these was incomplete. An english translation of the first part can be found here. Two further sections on democracy and the proletarian movement, and on democracy and fascism had been planned. Like much of 'La Revolution Communiste - thèses de travail' these never appeared, for reasons which Camatte explains. Work had been done on them and in 1972 Camatte reworked this material to take account of the developments in his thinking. The results were not published until 1991 when they appeared in a special number of Invariance. Along with this material Cammatte published some of the studies on Marx's early writings he had made while a member of the Parti Communiste International (PCI), which underlay his later writings on democracy.

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