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Am I Look Smart? Laugh a Lot Hi there,I am Ankur Patel - A life long Student,actor and a fighter!!!!!!!!!
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Do you agree that "Everything OLD is NEW Again"? If you can't, then you must read this article & convince yourself!!!

Recently, I got an invitation to be a "Guest Speaker"(to speak and give a laughter session) at a dinner meeting of "Priniting Industry of Illinois/Indiana" I got this inviatation from President(Richard Werner) of a small printing company Repro Inc. in chicago.

Do you know how to write for web? I even don't know how to do it, but still I am just doing it...Find it how I do here

Are you Professional? - How I refused one CEO of a start-up SMS-Wireless company for his project...The message is Be Professional and treat Professional people well!!!

Some GREAT Gujarati Links
I have seen evolution of Gujarati Language on internet. Check out some of the Pure Gujarati links which I visit frequently.

Do you know what is ABCD?(Hint:American Born Cute/Confused Desi!!!). Get married to them and be happy, becuz ABCDs are GREAT!!!!!!!!Don't read this article if you are not GREATEST of the GREATEST one(like me!!!)....

What is "Real"? How you define "Real"? Do you know what is "Matrix"? Read here...

Feb 27,2002
Yesterday, I attended a "Nanotechnology International Symposium" at Marriot Hotel, downtown Chicago. By the way, do you know that I am always thankful? You wanna know why???? Read my story here...

Feb 18,2002
Recently, I attended a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) conference on 13-14 Feb, 2002 at McComick Place, Chicago. During this time, Valentine Day passed away. By the way, Do you know that I have many wife(s) without getting married!!!!!! Read my story here...

Feb 8,2002
I am so thankful to USU.... Read my story here...

Jan 24, 2002
I am way behind to post many articles and stories which happened in these days, but before I post something, here are My Personal Privacy & Information Policies

Jan. 10, 2002
Do you think that "Pain is Joy"? If not then...Don't read my article...The article is in Gujju english..which you may not know it...

I am now "Certified Laughter Leader" - Read my story here.

I am becoming Writer too starting from 2002.... Read my story here

Are you being laid off? Worried about recent slow economy of USA?Read some latest statastics and information about US economy Job Market Analysis in Slow Economy

Read my first article which I wrote on 1st Jan, 2002 morning CAP technology is GREAT!!!
I got my first reward for this article by Cynthia Furse. She gave me link back to my article in "Tutorial" section, and under "References for Writing" with a heading of "The CAP and Plagiarism Issue"

It is my pleasure to have you here. I hope you will enjoy surfing into my web-site.I am net crazy since 1995 and have a passion to share whatever I find interesting and enjoyable. In today's world, it is friendship nurtured by sharing joy and sorrow with somebody. Without sharing these two, a human being is nothing but a machine like computer.

With this thought,I present my little web-site for all my friends, well-wishers & people whom I don't know still!!!!! I thank all those who have inspired me in my life and made me "killer" in whatever I do.

Surf in my site & Enjoy!!! And hey don't forget to sign my guest book.I would love to hear from you.And thanks for visiting me!!!!!