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kalam valley North Pak Articles
  • The most reliable property advisers in Kalam valley
  • Weather devastation in Kalam valley in winter 2005
  • Hindko language website launched
  • International Mother Tongue Day Celebrated
  • Frontier Language Institute's website launched
  • Wild plants of Kalam valley, Swat
  • Tone and Song in Kalam Kohistani (Gawri)
  • The Badeshi People in Bishigram & Tirat valley, Swat
  • A first look at Kundal Shahi language, Azad Kashmir
  • Gawri dialect survey in Dir Kohistan
  • Ushoji language survey, Bishigram valley
  • Gawri (Kohistani) language of Kalam & Dir Kohistan
  • Indus Kohistan, facts file
  • Tonal features in the languages of northern Pakistan
  • Linguistic diversity in Pakistan and its preservation.

  • Pakistan is a country that is blessed with an abundance of beautiful mountain valleys, each with it's own unique cultures and languages. The purpose of this website is to contribute to the preservation, documentation and promotion of this aspect of our national wealth:



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