Great play scripts

by D. M. Bocaz-Larson

Plays for community theatre and professional theatre groups. Free play scripts with royalty of only $10 a performance. Great deals for great plays, eh?
Featuring the play:

Operation Redneck

Full Length Comedy - 3 w 3 m [html file]

Other Great Play Scripts

"AeroPeor" Full Length Comedy - 5 to 9 w and 8 to 12 m [html file]

"Bad Air" Full Length Comedy set in Texas - 3 w 2 m [html file]

"Baklavia" Full Length Comedy - 9 w 9 m [html]
[rtf file - 174 KB]

"Big Nose: A Modern Cyrano" - Full Length Comedy - flexible cast [html]
[rtf file - 103 KB]

"Flowers in the Desert" Full Length Drama - 7 w 2 m [html]
[rtf file - 203 KB]

"The Green Chile Rebellion of 1899" - An Old West Comedy - 8 w 10 m +optional extras [html]

"Midnight of the Soul" Full Length Drama - 5 w 2 m [html file]

"Romanian Uranium Mystery" - Interactive audience participation mystery for dinner theatre - eight characters [html]

"Sticky Buns" Full Length Comedy - 5 w 3 m [html file]

"The Weirdest Honeymoon Ever" - 4m 4w [html] [rtf format]

Play Scripts in Development

These new plays are in development. If you believe they might work for your theatre group, I will be happy to work with you on completing the script for your group.

"So Hating This Job" - Comedy - 4 w 2 m

"Gossip" - Short Comedy - 2-5 more actors [html] [rtf format]

The play scripts on this website may be downloaded for free for use by theatre groups. There is a $10 royalty per performance for using the script for a theatre performance. Before using the play, you must request permission from the author at or 505-290-1331. Please include the name of the play, your name, your location (city/country) and dates of performances in your request.

The following requirements are for all public performances or uses of the play: 1. All programs, posters, etc. should have the author's name (D. M. Bocaz-Larson) and something that tells about the website such as "Produced by special arrangement with" 2. When you complete the production, mail a copy of the program to: D. M. Bocaz-Larson, 422 Deanna Lee St., Grants, New Mexico 87020 USA. Thank you and enjoy these free play scripts! has recently changed content but if you need info on NMSU-Grants click here.

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