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Alexandra's Interview

1) Why did you become a CO?what religion?
Both times I become Chosen during a time of upheavel, 
usually someone trying to overthrow the current 
Chosen of Myr'Khul, I was the longest standing member.

2) How long have you been a CO?
Combined I would say roughly 9 mos or so.

3) When did you become CO?
Became CO in April 2004 and also in June 2003 of Myr'Khul 
both times.

4) what has been your favorite moment while you were CO?
Religion purges! No seriously I like to rebuild from scratch, 
even if that isn't very popular.The fact you have some control 
over who is in and out is a great benefit.

5) What was your worst moment?
Likely every other moment. CO in Myr is a real challenge. 
You constantly have players who want to take over or hate 
each other mostly, or what rank. So unlike some religions 
they don't work well as a team at times.

6) How does it feel ruleing over so many people?
It feels good and bad. You realize quickly you can't make 
everyone happy even if you try to. You can't be too nice without 
compromising your character's nature in an "evil" religion.

7) Has ruleing a religion changed your (ooc) life?
It really hasn't changed my life, I had to stop because I had 
studies and Myr'Khul's Chosen requires a full-time player almost.

8) What is the best feture you have found here on Cland?
None of Cland current... It used to be the mixture of RP and PK
but I don't see that much now.

9) How/When did you start playing Cland?
Started in 1997, before it was MUD of the Month, before 
multiclasses, before Skye or Sassy. Before most people.

10) Has Cland changed your life in anyway?
It has changed it in both a positive and negative manner. It 
was a good outlet to be able to go to in a bad time in my personal 
life. It was bad when my personal life improved and it took over 
too much time and created resentment in my household. I highly 
recommend moderation here.
Thank you Alexandra for your time