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Xi-Archanos's Interview

1) So xi-archanos when did you start playing cland?
I started playing Clandestine a long time ago.  I don't really remember
when, all I do remember is it was three months after Thyme had started to
play Clandestine.  Thyme was my first real friend here on Clandestine, him
and his friend, I think Dragontears was her name.  He was helpful in getting
me equipment and such.  Here's something neat, when I was a newbie the first
religion I tried to join was Takhisis, but at the time I didn't know how to
write notes and when I finally did manage to, it seems it was ignored. 
After a month of seeking Takhisis with no contact, I kind of gave up.  But
what's even more interesting, I found Clandestine from another mud's
website.  Nebseni had written the code to display areas or classes or
something on a website, and this mud 'Falling Beneath the Horizon' used the
code, and it linked to Clandestine.

2) how long did it take you to get to your currect level of IMM-status
Well, this really depends.  If you mean how long did it take me to get to
my current status after I became and Immortal, its been two years.  But in
order to become an immortal it took a god forsaken long ass time.  2+ years
or so just to become an immortal.  I was plagued with lots of things. 
Previous immortals refusing to check my areas and such and thus not granting
me new ones.  As it so happened, I knew Anyki from another mud.  Or rather,
she knew me from another mud and she gave me a chance, she gave me a second
area without checking my first.  And eventually I weasled a third area, so I
basically was about the only person with three areas, all of which went
unchecked for two years.  One day, Skye ripped me a new asshole over an
area.  She just slaughtered me, only to realize it wasn't my area, she felt
kind of sorry, then the checked my areas.  Then lo and behold, Ancient Lands
and Oceanda were ported over, but even then like Jantra, I remained an
avatar for a long time, even though I had two active areas.  It took me 9
immprojects or so before I became an immortal.  Trivia of the day, I was the
first avatar builder to become an immortal.  (Suki was the second.)  

3) do you like being a IMM
Most of the time I like being an immortal.  Sometimes some of the things
other people do annoy the hell out of me.  I guess it goes back to the whole
ignorance is bliss thing.  But I really do like building, especially when I
am in the mood to create some grand new area.  In a sense, it's kind of a
shame that the continents aren't open.  Arimonde is my little baby, but then
I know in a year or two, people shall be flooding into it.  We have made a
lot of headway with the continents, and I honestly believe it'll be a great
thing for Clandestine.  People have grown bored of Clandestine, the
continents are going to be a new experience.  And I am glad to be a major
player in it, at least in terms of the area.  

4) how does it feel to be the head builder
I am not the head builder.  In fact, the header builers are still Sassy and
Vivienne (granted, that Sassy is the ancient so she can kinda overrule
Vivienne).  Then besides that, Lynk is also an implementor so Lynk is most
likely the next head builder in line.  However, I am officially like
Vivienne's assistant and the overseer of the continents.  Per Sebek and
such, I do most of the building decisions with the continents, though this
doesn't mean I don't manage and navigate through things in the main realm

5) between the time you first started playing cland, and today, have there
been anything you liked that has been removed? have you tried to get that back?
Actually, there are many things I try to get back.  I never really liked
stop/shielding/garble, but I am somewhat annoyed that shield of knightwood
wasn't re-added.  While I believe that adding isn't the only solution in
balance and I think removing is a good thing, I don't think everything
should be removed.  I think moving around and tweaking are better options. 
Though, the one thing I've wanted to get back the most is chaining.  I think
chaining added a very unique feel to Clandestine.  However, that said I also
know the reasons why chaining was removed, I would like to see chaining come
back in a more modified sense.  I think it'd be good if offensive spells
could be chained, at perhaps even greater pwoers than previous.  So maybe
some day in the future we can have like 13 people gathering to chain up and
summon the heavenly lights (solstice) to destroy some dark shadow.  I think
that would be cool.  I also don't think it's too much of a terrible problem
to bring back chaining for mass spells (IE mass sanc and holy word).  

6) What has been your favorite feature of cland?
My favorite feature?  That's one real hard.  I have to say almost
anything Azuel does is wicked cool.  This is probably going to amuse people,
but my favorite skill in the game is wnah.  Don't ask, I am weird like that.
My favorite imm- command is probably areamap, I love being able to see areas
real quick or seeing a bird eye's view of what I know my area should be. 
But I also love alot of other neat quirks within the code, like tomes and
mprogs.  Oh, that's definately my favorite feature, I love the mprog system
here, it's pretty advance compared to other muds.  Granted, not as powerful
as writing snippets or any of that, but very simple and easy to use.  And
through the coding of Azuel, Illuvatar, Sabatus and god knows who else, its
very nice.  My only complaint is, its very much undocumented.  

7) if there was something you could remove from cland what would that something be?
Well, this is very difficult.  I don't innately think qubs are a bad idea,
but I think they were poorly managed/balanced and thus in their current
form, I'd like to see them removed.  That said, I'd also like to see some of
the classes remove.  Not necessairly the abilities within each class, but I
would like to see more similar classes fused into one class and then have a
persons roleplay ability define that.  For example, fuse lich and
necromancer into one and create a "black mage" then a person could RP either
being a lich or an archmagus of dark magic or something like that.  

8) Has playing cland changed your OOC life? 
Well, once upon a time Clandestine DID affect my life.  I remember missing a
biology test once because I was busy with Clandestine.  That was my freshman
year in High school though, much has changed since then.  Not to mention I
have since graduated from high school and such.  Now a days, I mostly come
onto Clandestine because while I do have other things to do, it's simple and
easy and I can multitask.  I can play while I am at work or at home while
IM'ing friends or doing other things.  I tend to sometimes idle/IAW but
that's mostly because I am multitasking, either that or I fell asleep.  It's
kinda nice having a laptop that's wifi enabled, you know.  

9) when you became a IMM did that affect your life at all?
Becoming an immortal?  Hmm.  Well besides a few of the meetings I had to be
at, none of which were recent, I can't really say it has changed my life
much.  Though, I usually leave my computer on so I can log things and then
go back through an act on them.  But I'd have to say no, nothing much. 

10) has anything OOC changed your IC life, i know it sounds strange but it happens. 
As for OOC affecting IC.  I think it has.  Once upon a time, I cared
about rank, I really did, but now a days it's just like so what.  It's kinda
moot if you know what I mean.  Besides that, I am not as loud mouth nor
arrogant as I once use to be on Clandestine.  Which was always very amusing
in the first place, in real life, I am very passive and non- confrontational
kind of guy.  I tend to be quite and always a loner of sorts, on
Clandestine, it was always the opposite, even in the earlier days when I was
just simply Constantine and not an immortal.  He was always a loud mouth and
a arrogant self-absorb prick, though Fenrir pounded most of that out of
him/me.  I think another thing that occured, I no longer feel addicted to
Clandestine, after leaving Clandestine for a period of eight months, I know
I can slip away if I wanted to.

Thank you Xi-Archanos for doing this interview.