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Suki's Interview
1)How long have you been playing clandestine?
Most recently, since December. But I actually logged into Clandestine
since it first began. So I left and came back.

2)How did you find out about Clandestine?
I heard about it through the friends of the ones who started it. Since
MUDing was something I spent so much time on back then, this past 
December, I was just curious as to where Clandestine was... And it's 
definitely come a long way. Just looking at the website before coming 
back, I was thinking...Uh oh, how am I going to get back into it? Ya 

3)So what made you decide to become a Immortal?
Well, first I was an Avatar and then an Arbiter. My decision to become 
an Avatar was pretty unclear to me at first. I was approached by an 
immortal. Apparently I had an eye for 'typos.' But aside from that, I 
began to really care about the MUD itself. And the people on here. I 
know it sounds completely cheesy. But the MUD really grew on me. And 
then from there, I was just given the opportunities to move up. I 
worked hard on my assignments, generally got along with others..

4)How were you able to be promoted so quickly? just a lot of work?
That, and being nice to people doesn't hurt. Helping out wherever you
can...That sort of thing. I mean, there were probably other factors
that the other IMMs took into account. It's basically a decision not
made by myself.

5)wondering minds want to know other then playing Cland, what else do you 
do for fun?
This is definitely time consuming, but I generally like traveling, 
photography, just hanging out. I'm a student, so I have a lot of 
school-related things too. I like being a complete goofball around my
friends...That sorta thing too. oh oh another thing I love to do: play
with my dog

6)out of everything here in Cland, what would be your favorite Feature
I've been on other MUDs and Talkers and stuff like that, and I like the
people here. Sure there are the occasional jerks who are out to make 
everyone's life miserable, but everyone else makes up for it. I also 
like the casino. I don't really gamble or anything, but I think the day
before I had a recruiting event that was a mock casino night, I was
here playing blackjack.

7)what was it like being Xi-archano's assissant?
Well, I still assist him, but now I get to do other stuff also.But umm
... it's alright? ~Suki giggles.~ We're two very different people, so 
it took some getting used to. I still annoy him all the time.

8)is there anything you would like to say to the people who will be 
reading this?
Not really too much, but I know many feel that IMMs are unapproachable
... So, yeah. I'm approachable, for the most part, I think.

So thanks again Suki for being part of the Frist interivew.