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Mordray's Interview

1) Why did you become a CO?what religion? 
I became CO of Nuitari because I believed in the ethos of 
Nuitari and felt that there was too little effort being devoted 
to developing Nuitari into the well-running entity I knew it 
could be
2) How long have you been a CO?
I have been CO approximately 15 months

3) When did you become CO?
I became CO approximately December 2002
4) What has been your favorite moment while you were CO?
I think one of the greatest moments was when Bladesong returned 
as a religion spell.  It's a great spell but more than that, many 
had approached me asking that I try to get it back.  It felt quite
good for those people to see yes it may take time but if one 
presents points reasonably - things will happen
5) What was your worst moment?
My worst moment was about 5 months ago.  There were problems, 
which unfortunately could only be dealt with a roster purge.  I 
usually don't favor using general roster purges and it was very
difficult coming to the decision of asking for one
6) How does it feel ruling over so many people?
There are problems but there are also many good times.  I don't
necessarily rule over people as much as ask everyone to work 
together to achieve their goals.  I do set a framework within which 
one works to achieve Nuitari's goals and I find my position 
interesting and challenging
7) Has ruling a religion changed your (ooc) life? 
To an extent yes.  Being CO one has a great deal of responsibility. 
You have to regularly be present or at least have some contact with 
your religion.  If a problem surfaces its you that ultimately are 
expected to deal with it.  I was an atheist for a period of time. 
Unlike now I could have been away for weeks without anyone noticing, 
today being gone 24 hours usually means I come on to at least 5 or 6 
personal notes to me

8) What is the best feature you have found here on Cland?
There are many interesting features on Cland, however the one that 
I find the most unique - both from a player standpoint and also as 
a matter of the coding involved, is the system setup for relics.  
You can embed spells in them, level them and add damage to them among 
other things
9) How/When did you start playing Cland?
I started playing Clan about two and a half years ago.  That was 
shortly after Erik (the player behind Athix and others) and I moved 
in together.  He is the person who introduced me to Clandestine and 
helped me through my being a newbie
10) Has Cland changed your life in anyway?
Yes it has, Since both my spouse and I are thoroughly involved in 
Clandestine, our IRL conversations very frequently consist of events
on Cland.  Also when I come home from work often late at night I 
often will log onto Cland not cause I am not tired but because I am 
interested in knowing what has taken place in the time I was away

Thank you Mordray for your time.