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Angie's Interview

1) When did you start playing Cland, How old are you?
I started playing Cland in autumn of '98 when I was in 10th grade. I played
it for about 2 years before I got pregnant and after that I lost all
accesses to Internet. It took me a long time before I got myself an Internet
connection in march 2003, since then I've been back in Cland and back in
Nuitari. At the moment I'm 24 years old, but not for long ;)

2) When did you become CO of Nuitari, have you been a CO of any other
To be honest I don't know WHEN I became CO of Nuitari, must have been 1,5
years ago or so? I honestly don't know. I never thought of writing down the
date. I haven't ever been a CO of another religion most because I've always
been faithful to Nuitari and only served one Lord - Nuitari.

3) What has been your favorite moment while in Nuitari?
It's a hard question. Most of the time in Nuitari has been enjoyable. I
can't pick any of the moments to be better than others. Of course I'm most
happy when other Nuitarians are more active and religion is running

4) What has been your favorite moment overall in Cland?
When I was enshrined back (after the break without Clandestine) to Nuitari.
I think that is the best moment in Clandestine. Of Course there are many other
things to mention as well, but I do belive that moment was the most important
for me.

5) Has Clandestine affected your OOC life at all?
It has. Can't say it hasn't since there were periods when I was online 20/7
and active all the time :P According to my husband Clandestine has even
bigger meaning for me than real life, so yeah, it means a lot for me to have
Clandestine. Clandestine has given me so much: 1. grown my patience, 2.
grown my imagination, 3. I've learned to express myself more 4. I've gained
many good friends over the years, 5. I've learned to write English :P

5a) does your husband play on Cland?
LOL, No. He hates Cland and every other mud out there.. He doesn't get them
nor he wants to try to understand them. I've tried to explain the magic of
Muds and especially Clandestine, but he's not getting it anyway.. So he's
learned the hard way that when I'm in Mud there's no point to disturb me: I
wont hear or see anything anyway and if he manages to get my attention THEN
I'm not in the best mood.. :P

6) What have you been up to with your free time since Clandestine has been
Spamming Clandestine forums would be the right answer. Unfortunately my kids
have been sick all the time so even if Clandestine was up and running I'd
still haven't had as much free time to play it as I used to. So most of the
time I don't even sit behind the computer but take care and cure the kids
and also knitting has taken a lot of time from me.

7) Wondering minds want to know... What is happening with Karu's Babies?
That theme is unknown to me as well. The question still lies if Angie really
is pregnant? How did she get pregnant? Will she carry the pregnancy till the
end? What have some other people say about it like Tsernomor -  Angie's
husband - and Drgon - Angie's Master. As much as I've talked to Karu it
appears that if Angie is pregnant then he'll claim them/it to be his. Guess
he'd help me to raise them, but if Angie is pregnant then they must be
godchildren and I'd like to see who'll agree with Angie having godchildren
:P ;)

8) are you planning on any big RP's or PK when Cland starts back up? not
including the babies?
Yeah, there are 2 bigger RPs going on in Angie's life that I'm gonna connect
to 1 huge one and that can be the end of Angie or the new beginning.. All
depending on how it turns out. ATM it's very hard to say what's gonna happen
next cause there are at least 4-7 people involved in it.

9) What do you see for Cland in the future?
I can safely say that once Cland is back up it will live again. Just look at
the forums of Clandestine. It's not dead - far from it - and I'm sure new
people will come to Clandestine as well. From the Cland's developing all I
can say that it's growing... based on all of the new thingies implemented
all the time and bugs fixed... Other than that I can only wait and see what
will happen, but one thing I'm sure - Cland WILL be back.

10) Where do you see Angie for the future?
Like I said, it's hard to tell right now. All the RP is in so confusing
state that it can't be said what will happen. But if you are asking about
where else she's got to go on ranking system then I don't see her as an IMM,
CO is all she needs. She'll always remain mortal, easier for me to play her
(otherwise she'd break so many rules of NOT directly helping people :P ).

Thank you Angie for your time, and hope your kids feel better soon