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Karu's Interview

1)So Karu, Why/when did you start playing Cland?
Why did I start playing clandestine...lets see...there were few freeks
called Dundee and Godfather who were sitting next to me in the
computer class and all they did was typing a text...colorful text.
They were so exited and same time having fun that I got bored of
Warcraft 2 and started to play this mud...I found out it's cool. But
actually I just got innfected with that horrible disease called mud
addiction. When did I start it...ohh...I am way too old for
remembering was somthing like half year after Cland was up
for public...or somthing like that....I don't remember the exact year
...I know it was in autumn.

2)You have been here as a IMM for many years, Do you ever get tired of
mortals asking stupid questions?
Do I ever get tired...hmm...lets see...because that is another stupid
question you just asked....ofcourse I do....sometimes some people can
ask so idiotic things that it drives you mad...especially me who I am
mortal coordinator...they are coming to me with so ...simple things
...and if you explain it to them...they don't listen and after some
time they are coming back to you with the same questions.

3)Why did you decide to become a Immortal?How?
Why did I decided....I have never been much of a i did the
priest job....after 3 years...I kinda got wanted to do
somthing for the realm....after a while....I wanted to become an
immortal...because it sounded cool...and I was immortal and even IMP
in few other muds...but those wrere far way back to stone age..
. clandestine was much cooler. When I finally got the immortality...I
did more because of showing that I too can do things. Now I am doing
because I want to help keeping this place running.
How did I became immortal....well IMP typed inn a command called
advance and put my name and new level after it....I did many things
...too many for listing them here. Newbie helping and house building
was the main things. And curse Azuel for stealing that job from me :(

4)So why the tead-bear Karu?
Teddy-Bear....well teddy-bear is a soft sweet thing....and I am kinda
soft...I am thinking that there is always a compromise and everybody
should have a second chance. And mostly I am in good mood....that is's tghe role you pick to have so you would not be know only
by your's the nick I choused.

5)Some people know of your Smile room. What was the thought behind it?
how long did it take to create and color?
What's the thought of smile room...well to make people smile if they
look the was made for my family members, friends and
fanclub members.....basicly for everybody who want to hang in there
...listen the jukebox and sit on the couch or in jacuzzi....for
whatever RP purpose or just relaxing and chatting....How long did I
made it....hmm...well not too long...I think few hours. The colors are
not that difficult in that room.

6)Other then Clandestine, What do you do for fun?
I am playing Tenadia little roleplay game....I am having beer or maybe
even bigger partys with Godfather and sometimes with Xenox aswell
....hmm...but I don't have much free time...mostly working and studing

7)What is the best feature here that you like? rawks and wxmud rawks too

8)How old were you when you started playing cland, how old were
you when you become a IMM, and how old are you today?
I was..umm....15 or so and I am 21 now

Thank you Karu for doing this interview.