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Xalifex's Interview

1) When did you start playing Cland, How old are you?
I think I was 19 or 20 when I first started playing Clandestine. 
Sett's brother was a friend of mine, and Sett got him playing while 
I was at his house.  I logged on, and instantly hated it because of 
the colors.  I still have no idea why I kept playing.  The RP I suppose.

1a) What don't you like color in your life?
At the time, the only MUD I played was one that had very few colors.  
The only colors were in the prompt.  Everything else was black and white.  
So it was quite a change.

1b)are you used to color muds now? or do you prefer black and white?
I've been playing both off and on for years now, so I can do both, but 
both my MUD and the one I'm on currently are color MUD's.

2) have you been a CO of any religion?
No, I've been an Archon, in Pantheos, but never a CO.  They took Pantheos
out before that happened.

3) What has been your favorite moment in Cland?
I think joining Pantheos was my favorite moment.  I had a lot of fun in 
that religion, and made some good friends.

4) What has been your least favorite moment in Cland?
I hated the day they took the intrinsic religions out.  I had at one time
had a character in two of the three, and they both meant a lot to me.  I almost
stopped playing Clandestine because of that.

5) Has Clandestine affected your OOC life at all?
Yes, I should say it has.  I met my wife on Clandestine.  That's a pretty big OOC

5a) Your wife played on Cland who was she? does she still play? are you two married 
on Clanestine as well?
Yes, she plays Clandestine.  She plays Christa, as well as a few other characters. 
Yes, a couple of our characters are married on Clandestine.

6) What have you been up to with your free time since Clandestine has been down?
Free time?  What's that.  I'm an IMP on another MUD.  That keeps me very busy.

7) Are you planning any major RP or PK once Clandestine is back up and running?
I don't know about major, but I might RP a little.

9) What is the best feature\skill\spell at Clandestine?
The 'Rift' spell is the all-time coolest spell on Clandestine.  As for skills,
I like hide and encircle.  Too bad thieves don't have both.

10) Is there any feature\skill\spell that you would like Clandestine to add?
No, I can't think of anything.

11) A few people have heard about a mud that you are currently coding for, anything you
would like to say for that? 
Code?  Nah, I just tinker.  But yeah, I'll talk about it a little.  Its a MUD based on
the Dragonlance Saga, set just before the War of the Lance.  We have a small, yet loyal,
playerbase right now, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm not going to go into too much detail
here, but if Daritha is kind enough to include my e-mail Address, you can email me and I'll 
give you more information.

11a) about your mud, if you want to add more info to it, i will do so if you want. 
Its not my mud, it belongs to a friend of ours, but Kara and I were given immortal positions 
because he was handling all the workload on his own, which can be quite stressful.  
The address is port 8988 .  Its a ROM MUD, much like Clandestine, 
without the years of modifications.  We are working on improving everything, however.

Thank you Xalifex for your time