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SAPD wife's Homepage

My name is Lori I am the proud mother
of three beautiful children
and the proud wife of a San Antonio Police Officer .
We have been married 15 long years
( groan I Know... I Know...)
Whats the secret - LOVE - Trust - and the three Angels temporarily in our care.

Here find my poetry , writings from my son
Daniel J.
articles I have written , stories I have heard ,
life  as an officers wife accomplishments.
I also write articles on making money at home
since this time and age its so hard to work and afford childcare ,
(so please help me out and follow my links !)
And my current hobby EBAY !!!! SALES

Sincerely Yours

The latest update the divorce is final

My husband chose Mary Helen Lopez receptionist in san antonio police dept homicide over his wife of 20 years,
I hear she got a divorce as well , I hope they were both worth the breakup of two long marriages and may they have better luck with each other than me and her husband did !, trying real hard not to be bitter but boy its tough ! I have two boys and one little girl and have to learn to be a single mom now and pick the pieces up , today is October 15 , 2001 we married October 15 , 1983. Sad Huh !

Loretta Gonzales

Favorite Links
Places to Go for policewives and officers

Faith Outreach Christian Church
A church that helped me and my kids when we needed Faith


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My son's pokemon webpage

Poetry and pages



Kids and stress


My Garden of CHILDREN

stories of my daughter

stories of my son

making money with your pc - link to these programs like I did for free

He's a police officer and he's changed , what do you do now?

My Love -My husband Danny

Loving a cop


tribute to my mom - patricia felan


Mothers 1st Grade

The Cross in his pocket

Shopping for you and kids!!

When God made Police

Butterfly Kisses for my baby

Stupid Crooks san Antonio's Feathered Friends Percy - My daughters special friend My Parrot raising days finches
Bird shows Birdy Links Nestboxes Parrots Horse story 2,6

Surviving an Affair and Divorce

Blue Wife

Loving a cop

Giving Up

Poem to the otherwoman

Faith Outreach

Angels in Disguise

The Longroad Home

Recognizing Abuse

Recognizing the danger - Affairs

What defines abuse in a marriage

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