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Handler Name: Bryan
Email Address: bigshowdeverot@hotmail.com
Wrestler's Name: "Big Show" Bryan Deverot
20 words: A chicken-eating skull-bustin wrestler from Trenton, New Jersey. This man learned to kill while playing jazz at Pigmy's House of Blues
Website: n/a
Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey
Appearance: Pink sweat-soaked t-shirt
Previous Leagues: UWA, NCW
Previous Accomplishments: UWA Heavyweight, Intercontinental, Hardcore and Extreme Champion
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 378 lbs
Theme: Big Show Theme
Favourite Moves: Sommersault on opponent, Double ear clap, mostly power moves
Signature: The Jabron (a double foot-stomp from the top rope onto opponents head)
Finisher: Deverot Driver (from the backside, Deverot scoops up his opponent and drives his back/neck into the canvas)
 Chapter 1: The Jump Off
 Chapter 2:Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Chapter 3:Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Chapter 4:Arctic Anarchy
 Chapter 5:Redwood Retina Reflector
 Chapter 6:Malice in the Palace
 Chapter 7:Bloody Shores
 Chapter 8:Farm Frenzy
 Chapter 9:Electri-city
 Chapter 10:Inertia in Indiana
 Chapter 11: Stonehenge
 Chapter 12:The Flame of Egypt
 Chapter 13: D-hydrate
 Chapter 14:The Fall from the Wall
 Chapter 15:Shuriken
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