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Handler Name: Paul
Email Address: PaulDuffy2OO1@aol.com
Wrestler's Name: "The Foundation Of Sensation" Paul Duffy
20 words: Talented, Dedicated, Cocky, Has what it takes.
Website: Paul Duffy Homepage
Hometown: Battle Creek, Michiagan
Appearance: Cowboy Hat, Long dirty blonde hair
Previous Leagues:
Previous Accomplishments:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 237 lbs
Theme: "Downfall" by TRUSTcompany
Favourite Moves: "Duffycanranna" (Hurricanranna Of The Rope Into A Pin.), "3 Time Over" (Moonsaults From Bottom Rope tTo Top, Non Stop Followed By A Pin.), "Surfboard With a Vengeance" (Mexican Surfboard, To Legs Only, A Reverse Camel Clutch Manouver Is Applied To The Opponent On The Upperhalf Of His/Her Body.), The "Duffarooni." (Showmans Helicopter. ::Break Dance Manouver::), "The Sensational Down Take" (Springboard Backflip Head Scissor Take Down.), "911" (Top Rope Shooting Star Press.), "The Sensational Break" Flipping Neckbreaker From The Second Turnbuckle. "Defying Gravity" (Moonsault Leg Drop From The Top Rope, But Preferably From A Ladder.), "Steel Twister" (450 Splash Over The Top Rope, From The Outside In.), Major Trademark: Reverse Rolling Thunder (Backward Roll, followed by a Moonsault.)
Finisher: "The Hit The Deck" (Spinning Superkick)
 Chapter 1: The Jump Off
 Chapter 2:Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Chapter 3:Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Chapter 4:Arctic Anarchy
 Chapter 5:Redwood Retina Reflector
 Chapter 6:Malice in the Palace
 Chapter 7:Bloody Shores
 Chapter 8:Farm Frenzy
 Chapter 9:Electri-city
 Chapter 10:Inertia in Indiana
 Chapter 11: Stonehenge
 Chapter 12:The Flame of Egypt
 Chapter 13: D-hydrate
 Chapter 14:The Fall from the Wall
 Chapter 15:Shuriken
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