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Handler Name: Jason
Email Address: putzman2000@hotmail.com
Wrestler's Name: "The Premier Athlete" Cliff Knight
20 words: : Wealthy, good looking, conceited and obnoxious, Cliff Knight has it all. Simply the best, simply CK
Website: Cliff Knight's Biography
Hometown: Hollywood, California
Appearance: Spiked green hair between 2-4 inches long, small chin goatee(varied colors), usually wears futuristic clothing and is very rarely dressed formally.
Previous Accomplishments: 3x WEW World Champ, 2x WEW IC Champ (retired belt), 3x WEW Tag Champ, 1x WEW Hardcore Champ, 2x AODWF World Champ, 2x AODWF Tag Champ , 1x AODWF 56 Man Cross Federation Tournament Winner, 3x ECWO World Champ, 2x ECWO IC Champ, 4x ECWO Tag Champ, 2x ICW Global Champ (retired), 1x FCW World Champ (retired), 2x FCW Tag Champ (retired), 2x ICW Solar Champ, 2x ICW Tag Champ, 3x WEWO World Champ, 2x WEWO IC Champ, 1x WEWO TV Champ, 1x UWF World Champ, 6x APW Tag Champ (retired), 1x APW Eupopean Champ (retired), 2x IWF World Champ , 1x EWL Triple Jeopardy Champ, 1x WEWFAC eWrestler Of The Month, EWL World Champ, The First-Ever UWA Survivor Ring
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 243lbs
Theme: "Seasons" by Crossbreed
Favourite Moves: Premier Powerbomb (running powerbomb), Knightfall (Razors Edge to sharpshooter), Knight Time (Standing side chokehold with a DDT to finish it off)
Finisher: Knights End (Set up like the Pedigree with both the opponents arms pinned behind his back, then Cliff jumps up and executes a Famasser)
 Chapter 1: The Jump Off
 Chapter 2:Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Chapter 3:Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Chapter 4:Arctic Anarchy
 Chapter 5:Redwood Retina Reflector
 Chapter 6:Malice in the Palace
 Chapter 7:Bloody Shores
 Chapter 8:Farm Frenzy
 Chapter 9:Electri-city
 Chapter 10:Inertia in Indiana
 Chapter 11: Stonehenge
 Chapter 12:The Flame of Egypt
 Chapter 13: D-hydrate
 Chapter 14:The Fall from the Wall
 Chapter 15:Shuriken
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