Solving Problems Through Force
Leadership of the Empire of Austria-Hungary during World War I
Ninety Years
After the Tragedy
Presented by
Glenn W.  Stefanovics,
This Web site is dedicated to the honour and memory of the military commanders and political figures who led the Empire of Austria-Hungary through four years of tribulation during the First World War.  There are more than 150 biographies of Austria-Hungary's military commanders, politicians, ambassadors, and other notables.  Most pages have photos, biographical essays, orders of battle with linked cross-references, special articles, official proclamations, maps, and posters.  And, there are links to worthy and interesting sites for more information.   Please visit regularly and "spread the word" to perpetuate the memory of these gentlemen and the tragic time in which they lived. 
The Commanders of Austria-Hungary
More than 160 biographies of the most important personalities:

The Habsburgs
The Army Chiefs
The Field Commanders A-K
The Field Commanders L-Z
The Government Ministers and Bureaucrats
The German Commanders
Legionaries and Revolutionaries
The Field of Honour
A tribute to the men who fought and died for the Empire
Images of the War
A selection of photos from contemporary Austrian  magazines
Enver Pasha And His Times
A study of the enigmatic warlord of Turkey and his times
Notgeld During WWI
An exhibition of emergency money from Germany and Austria-Hungary during and after the war.
"Bosnia's Pre-War Economy" (in MS Word)
A Croatian-language dissertation on a little-studied subject by Sarajevo resident Dr. Fedzad Forto.  Requires Croatian font set.
Proclamations, Essays, and Maps
Links to articles by the leaders, plus some maps of the Empire
Credits & Links
A list of worthy links, a reading list, and sources.
What's New...

4/7/06  Prinz Schwarzenberg: Created new page! Felix Prinz zu Schwarzenberg lives up to his ancestor's glory in the opening Twelfth Isonzo with the brilliant capture of Caporetto!

3/30/06 Fernengel and Schenk: Created two new pages a while back but never listed them !

3/23/06 Enver Pasha: Updates all across the board for this classic expose of the infamous warlord! Finally, some decent information on Enver's family and surviving relatives are included. Also, details on his time as war minister, how and why he got Turkey into the World War, and the fight against the House of Saud for control of Arabia.

10/19/05 Archduke Wilhelm: What did Basil the Embroidered do with his free time after the war?
Pflanzer-Baltin's 1916 summer of horrors is discussed, as is Boroevic's reputation as a tough commander.

8/29/05  Nevermind what I said. 
Wladimir Giesl gets  serious treatment here.  Read about his almost four years in Montenegro, his views on King Nicholas, and his gradual resentment of Serbdom.

7/8/05  There's no more space on Geocities to consider this project "ever-expanding."
I will continue to add updates to existing pages, fix errors, and make corrections.  Korda and Hofacker just got updated, for example.  So I'm never finished here, even though I''ve run out of free space. 

Fixed Károlyi's proper name on pages of Károlyi,
Kun, and Archduke Josef.
Archduke Wilhelm: Basil the Embroidered and the Ukrainian famine of 1932-1933.

Lammasch: Brief description of Kaiser Karl's last  secret mission for world peace.

Conrad: See new article on how Conrad's problems started from day one of the Great War.

Maintenance time, including the Apostolic Empire,
Franz Ferdinand, and Scheuchenstüel.

Rather than voting, I cleaned up a lot of pages, including Czibulka,
Pallavicini, Schemua, Tisza, and Ziegler. Also fixed broken links on the main pages. Now I know why nobody visited Maister!

New battle narratives for Artur Giesl,
Krauss, and Peter Ferdinand. New orders of battle for the same period for Hortstein, Josef Ferdinand, and Novak. Also, check out more data on Ziegler.

Potiorek: Revised entire page, added geographic and name clarifications, etc.
Ziegler: Lots of new photos and other data on Emil and Alfred Ziegler, from Emil's grandson, Alex.
New battle narratives for
Johann Kirchbach, Ljubicic, Rhemen, Snjaric, Wurm, and Ziegler.

Szögyény-Marich and Szecsen: Updated these old pages about old ambassadors.
Siegmund Benigni,
Heinrich Fath, Josef Krautwald, Lukas Snjaric: Created new pages!

Rudolf Maister: Created new page! He who seized control of Marburg and the rest of Slovenia on behalf of the Jugoslavian movement.  Also updated links like crazy!
Friedrich: How the Archduke spent his retirement, plus what happened to his ill-fated son.

Created new page!  Images of the War has been around for months but I just linked it now.  Enjoy grainy but still fascinating photos from such pro-Central Power magazines as "Die Grosse Zeit," "Geschichte des Weltkrieges," and "New Yorker Staats-Zeitung."

Scanner's still broken, but that didn't stop me.  Examine updated Battle of the Carpathians narratives for Pflanzer-Baltin,
Czibulka, Haller, Hauer, Rhemen, Arz, Trzaska-Durski, and others.
Berzeviczy: Created new page!  Learn about Herr Bela Berzeviczy von Berzevicze u. Kakas-Lomnitz!
Kummer: Extremely rare new photo added.  Thanks be to Glenn Jewison for finding this one!
If you know Croatian, you can
download Dr. Forto's dissertation on Bosnia's pre-war economy.

Various photos added to Böhm-Ermolli,
Czernin, Dankl, Haller, Kaiser Karl, Kirchbach, Prinz Leopold, Linsingen, Seeckt, Spitzmüller, Thun u. Hohenstein, Tisza, Trzaska-Durski, Tschurtschenthaler, and Weber.
Josef Ferdinand: Who was Josef Kaswurm?
Kaiser Karl: Beatification process begins for the ex-Emperor, 22 December 2003.

Redirected Field of Honour to new server.  Reorganized main pages.

The Legion hath arrived!  Josef Haller,
Stanislaus Puchalski, Stanislaus Szeptycki, and Karl Trzaska-Durski: Created new pages!

Arpád Tamásy and Johann Salis-Seewis: Created new pages!  The former's an unknown, undramatic divisional commander.  The latter's a well-meaning governor of occupied Serbia.

Many short battle narratives, from Kowel to the Red Tower Pass, plus food and proganda issues:  Arz,
Boroevic, Eugen, Goldbach, Hauer, Hofmann, Kneussl, Kritek, Martiny, Nagy, Scheuchenstüel, and others. 
Stürkgh: Why the dictator of Austria was hated enough to be assassinated.
Hortstein and Skerlecz locked horns over who was the boss in eastern Croatia-Slavonia.

Suleiman Sulkevich: Created new page!  Special addition!  The story of the "khan" of the Crimea.
Friedrich Wiesner: Created new page!  Find out who investigated the assassination of the Archduke.  Did he really find "no evidence that the Serb government knew about the murders"?

Vital stats and some family history added for Alexander Hoyos.

This is the big one:  Orders of Battle  for the Dunajec Offensive, May 1915. Look on every page for the orders.  

Ziegler: Created new page!  Brother in-arms to Zaremba.  Poor chaps.

Pilsudski: Finally, a full write-up after three years.  See also new  photo.
Kun: What he did for a job in the Crimea after fleeing the mess in Hungary.

Eberhardt, Gerok, Kratky: Created new pages!
Etzel: Created new page!  Many thanks to his grandson Brian Hilderman and daughter Vera v. Etzel for information and photos of Etzel and Kratky.  Changed link to Notgeld page, and added some more info on Kneussl.

Kun: Updated some info to keep par with Peidl and Szamuely, new additions  to the story.
Peidl: Created new page!  The five glorious days of Peidl's unbolshevik Hungarian government.