My Favorites
Hey yo!!! This is just a page with a lot of my favorite things.  This page is constantly going to be under construction since i might think of new things to put on here or my favorites might change.  So come back often. Love ya all!
Car: 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Commorative Edition. God this car is gorgeous!
2004 Corvette Commemorative Edition
Sport: baseball
Team: Diehard Chicago Cubs fan. Hell yeah!! GO CUBBIES!!!
The Cubs!
Actor: I have many favorite actors, well, four to be exact: Adam Sandler, Mel Gibson, Eugene Levy, and Rowan Atkinson.
    Adam Sandler          Mel Gibson          Eugene Levy      Rowan Atkinson
Actress: I don't have a favorite actress.  I do have a least favorite, that's Drew Berrymore.  God I can't stand her!
Movie: The Patriot with Mel Gibson!
Type of Music:
I like pretty much everything except rap (you can't spell crap without rap).  But, my favorite is rock/alternative.
Radio Station
: 94.7, 103.5, 101.1, 99.5, and believe it or not, i really like 104.3.  They play a lot of really good songs!
Creed is the best fucking band in the world!!!!
Creed - One Last Breath OMG i love Mark Tremonti's guitar playing.
Left: Scott Stap, lead singer. Center: Scott Phillips: Drums. Right: Mark Tremonti: Guitar
Color: Blue then 2nd is red and 3rd is Green
19. Wanna know why?  Well, back in the old days of the Sega Genesis, i had a game called NHL 94.  They didn't have the create a player feature back then, so i had to pretend.  The guy i always pretended was me was number 19, and it just stuck with me.
Food: A nice and juicy steak, cooked rare!!!
TV Show: The Simpsons!!! Best fucking TV show ever!!!!
Cartoon Character: Homer Simpson
The Simpsons
Season: Summer! No school in da summer.  More freedom.
Place to be: anywhere with cali!
Orca.  For all you not so smart people (lol, just kidding) an orca is a killer whale.
Killer Whale
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