All My Pets
Well, i was bored as fuck one night with nothing to do, and i was trying to figure out what to do. I was getting a couple of pictures of my one dog for Shelbi, cus she lives an hour and a half away(not that far, but far enough i havent seen her in over a year) and i just thought, i have a page for my guitar, one for my niece, and one for my friends, what about my animals? So here it is, a page for all my animals!!
These top two pictures here are Bagel. He's my puppy!! He's a five and a half year old Beagle (get it, Bagel the Beagle, lol, i named him).  He is so cute!!! I love this little puppy, but his howl can get really annoying. and you can definitely tell he's a huntin dog. one day, he was in the backyard, and he came joggin up the steps with a squirrel in his mouth. lol, thats my pup!!
This is Shadow. She's my favorite cat of the four we have. She is the fattest cat i have ever seen!! But's shes also the friendliest!! But if my bedroom door is open, you can be sure she is in my room trying to get to the gerbils, thats the only thing i dont like about this cat. She won't leave the gerbils alone. But look at how fat she is, she's so cute!!
This is my gerbill. I had two but i accidentally killed Windex while trying to save him. Ask me about it sometime, but dont make fun of me. This is Flupperz.  He is just the darndest little thing. The only thing i dont like about him, is that he is so fast he's a wee bit hard to handle, But it's ok!
The cat on the right is Sassy. Her name definitely tells you who she is!! Everytime you come near her or u go to pick her up, she'll yell at your. But she's pretty.  She has a really nice patter on her fur.  She's more of a loner. Doesn't like too many people. Has to be in the mood to be pet.
These two cats here are Midge and Spooky.  You can't really see Spooky but he's the big black thing under Midge.  Midge is our odlest cat, she's 12.  She's not quite as fat as Shadow but still fat.  We found her years ago in the middle of the street in a cat carrier.  She had been hit by a car.  She was pregnant but lost her babies.  Poor thing.  Spooky is the only one of our four cats that isn't fat.  He's long and skinny.  I love the all black fur.  That's so cool. 
The one on the left there, is Audi. He is a 14 year old German Sheperd Mix. I can't stand this dog. He's deaf, blind(not completely either) and grumpy as fuck. You can never pet this dog and he never plays. I really don't like him but i love this picture.
This oversized rodent above here is Wendell the Guinea Pig. Don't you love that name for a guinea pig? i do. I named her. When we got her, we thought she was a he, so i named her wendell, but we have since found out he is really a she. but the name wendell has stuck, its such a cute name for her.
Once i take a picture of my fish, i'll put it right here!  I just have to take one.
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