More Shoutouts!!!
So i ran out of room on my first page, but im so popular and everyone loves me. so i have so many friends. i needed a second page. so here is my second shout outs page! if i forgot about ya, just let me know. Love u all!
Peri - Oh Periodt!! my lil sis!!! i truly am sorry for bein a dick in the past. imma be more tolerable!! i swear!! u still get on my nerves but hey, dont all little sisters? lol. i love u peri!!! i seriously gotta thank u for bringin cali along on the trip. if it wasnt for u bringing her with i would so not be happy right now!! mad propz to u!!! lol. later sis

Sam - Hey it's my third lil sis!!! You are so fuckin awesome for kicking cali and telling her not to give a fuck about neone else!! lol. THANK YOU!!! YAY!!! HEHEHEE. have fun at that little chas shit place. little freshie. hahaha. GO LANE!! god ur ass is fucking huge! and it jiggles!! thats so awesome. lol. YOU FANCY!!! lol. good times good times!! lol. love ya!

Twon - So, like i just copied your shoutout from page 1, and i went to paste it here, but i just deleted it so i guess you get a new one. lol. so wuts up twon? its been a while. hows that school with no gym thing goin? dude, as much fun as it seems ur having with all ur bi and lesbian friends, u have to get urself a nice straight girl and settle down. lol. yeah right. later guy.

Heather: hey its my funny as hell crackhead friend. lol. god you have to come to school high more often, especially whenever ms. hill is absent. lol. oh that was definitely a memory. as was u walking in during the star spangled banner in a hooters outfit for career day. god i have some weird friends dont i? dont drop out!! and dont transfer to whatever school it was u wanted to go to! u cant leave me!  lol you cant keep cutting first period, u leave me all alone!! dont do that, especially when hill isnt there, lol, love ya heather, keep comin to school high.:)

Connie my cus: Hey Constipated! hehe. u kno ur my favorite cus. lol. love ya connie, love ya like a cusin. lol. thats pretty funny, i think ill use that more. love ya like a cusin. hehe. later!!

Katrina:  Hey my 2nd fave cus. hey, thats not bad, i have wut, 5 cusins. lol. u kno i love u all the same. Northside sux. go LANE TECH!!! stupid mustangs, the INDIANS will kill ur mustangs. lol, just playin with ya. have fun at NS the preppy school. jk. hehe. byeee

Diana: first i have to say one thing. YANKEES SUCK!!!! ok, now that i got that out. hey u!! when am i gonna see u again so we can make out? lol. pantherz suck. go lane. beaubien pride!! love ya.

Monika: PSYCHO!!! hehehe, hey monky, hey guess wut, i have humanities with monika, hehe, YES!! "makes grabbing boobs motion with hands" lol, that will never get old. stupid mr lewis, we want our munchkins, wut period is that monika, first or second? lol, good times good times, and school just started. this year will be awesome!!! u keep lookin at the guy who always dresses in black. lol. love ya monika!!! go lewis 7th PERIOD!!
Well, thats all i have for now. As soon as i get more friends, i'll put them up here!  Love you all!
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