My Homies!
Well, these aren't all of my friends, since some i dont see often enough to get a picture of them and some refuse to let me take a picture, but these are some of them.  Most of these pics are scanned, so they might not look so graet. But, here is just a look into the world of Kevin's fucked up (not always in a bad way) friends!!:)
That's me and Liz! Hot, sophomore volleyball player at Von! I tried convincing her to go to Lane but she wouldn't. Don't kno why she would stay at von. lol. Damn, we look good there! lol.
Wow that is such a good pic of us!! Thats mah girl!!! MY CALI!! One day the two of us and sam were hanging out and Cali's six year old sister came down with her moms digital camera and took some pics. This one is soo good isnt it? I printed out a copy and put it in my locker.  Shes got such a cutre smile! I love that girl!!
This is my baby!! That's Cali!  She's gonna kill me for putting this picture up here. It's from her 8th Grade Dinner Dance.  I think she looks gorgeous here.  Don't you?  Cali's my girl.  She's one of my best friends now! Gotta thank Peri for bringing her on the trip! And shes going to lane now!. Awesome as hell!! I love you babe!!! hehehe!
That's me and V on school pride day last year.! We looked mighty good there didn't we? Hell, i look good anywhere! lol. Look at us with our green hair(mine was half green, half gold) and the soph on my forehead, the 06 on one cheek, the tatoo on the other.The lane tech sweater!  Just a bit of pride there.
There's me and Caitlin on school pride day last year. Damn, you know, i really look good in all these pics!! Again with all the pride!! But how could you not have pride when you go to a school as great as LANE?
This is Brcyey!! My so wonderful step bro! This kid is awesome, funny as hell!  Here, i "accidentally" hit him in the balls. This was the after effect!
Me and lori! Isn't she sooo cute??? another volleyball player. whats with me and the vball players? liz, lori, nikki.  Shits, it's not just vball players, its women that love me!
Monika and V making love to a tree outside Lane.  That is a perfect example of the friends i have! lol. ya gotta love them!
It's my DENISE!! My little sister!!! So we were on the bus one day and she hates having her picture taken, but i took it and she was pissed and when she finds out i put it up here, she's going to be even more pissed.  But i love my lil sis who ain't a freshie anymore!!
These bottom pictures here are me and Bryce at the auto show. Dodge was taking pictures of anyone who wanted them for free and you had to go online to get them.  Here are mine and Brycey's!! The car on the left is a 2005 Dodge Dakota and the one on the right is a Dodge Ram SRT 10, a cross between a ram and a viper, pretty fuckin awesome if ya ask me. dont we look so cute? the poses were bryce's idea. u kno he's always good for a laugh. lol. i love that kid!!
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