My Niece!
My niece means the world to me. I love that little girl and she is sooo fucking cute. So, i decided to make a page dedicated to her.
Allyson Marie Tinman
Born January 2nd, 2002
at 2:41 AM
Melissa Ann Schall and Matthew Paul Tinman
I took this picture on January 5th, three days after her 2nd birthday. She got a victorian mirror and shelf thing(called a vanity) for x-mas and some fake makeup(all from my mom) and she always "paints" my nails with it and stuff. Shes tryin to do her eyes here.
This was takin on the day she was born. She's so precious. It's amazing how much she's changed since then. I got no sleep that week, with staying up late for New Years Eve, then on New Years Day Missy went into labor. I spent the night by my uncle and we were up all night waiting to hear when she was born. So around 3 we finally got to sleep.
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My mom took Allyson to Wal-Mart to have pictures taken of her in 12-03. This was one of them.  I don't like the way my mom did her hair here but she is soo pretty and cute!
This one was taken either the day she was born of the day after. Not a great picture there, but the hospital took it, what do you expect. My brother and Missy had an outfit they wanted Allyson to wear for the picture, but Missy's dumbass mom decided she should wear teh bears outfit. Nothing wrong with the bears, but come on, she's a girl and it's her first picture!!
This one was taken in June of 2002, so she was about 6 months old. She's just a chubby little baby there. Isn't she adorable?? I love chubby little babies. They are so cute! I think this is the cutest picture i have of her. Look at her, all gigglying and chubby. lol. shes so adorable!!
This was taken the same time as the last one. Again, i don't like the hair, but she's so cute!! Look at her sittin there all pretty. I think they could have found something cuter to dress her in but it's ok. she's cute not matter what she's wearing!!
This is me and Ally is July of 2004. She is so cute. And i look pretty good myself!!
My mom went up to Wisconsin on August 21st and brought Matt and Ally down for the weekend.  I had my camera lying on my bed and she told me to take her picture, so she lied on the cat (who is using my alarm clock as a pillow) and posed.  Isn't she cute?
This was the same day as the last one.  She really loves to pose for the camera.