Wuts up my homiess??? lol, i kno, im not black. lol. nehoo. this is one fucked up world and these are the people that keep me going everyday. check out the second page, too. especially if ur not on the first.  i love you alll!!!!
Cali - HEY BABY!! You're MY CALI!! i wont tell sam and peri!! hey you. wow, thats really all i can say. ur just so amazing! i love you so fucking much cali!! You have made me so fucking happy its not funny!! The feeling i get when im with u is nothing like anything ive ever felt before. That three hour conversation was the best thing ive ever done! hehe. I really owe peri for bringing u on the trip and Sam so much for slapping you around and telling you not to worry about everyone else. School so far has been awesome and its just gonna get better!! especially once u stop being such a pussie!! lol. but come on, makin out against the locker, me getting yelled at by baker EVERYDAY!!!, making fun of me with EVERY single one of MY friends, lol. its been awesome so far and its just gonna get better!! MY LITTLE FRESHIE!! HEHE i love you babe!!! i really do!! forever!! 8-11-04!!

Bryce- Bryce, you are so my favorite brother and i am closer to u than my real brother. if i got married right now ud be my best man. now, enough with the mushy shit. wuts up mah brotha from anotha motha. dont lose ur belly, ill miss it.  thats INNAPROPRIATE!!  aww, they're in love.  WUT THE HELL IS THAT?? I THOUGHT IT WAS A BOAT!!! bryce, ur such a so and so. lmao. omg good good times. me and u are gonna live together one day, and maybe a girl of urs if u can get one. lol., Arizona was fucking awesome bryce!! me, u, oh and bryce, one more thing, im sorry people havent seen u in ur starring roles but they kno im a famous catcher. lol. we have to go on more adventures. we didnt do ne this summer!! that sucked! love ya bryce.

V - dude, we're juniors now!! we're like upperclassmen!! too bad we didnt get lunch together again.  that was awesome as fuck last year!! now i have no one to buy me lunch everyday.  ha, we need to steal some more chicken!!! we stole chicken from jewel. lol. but that was some good chicken. and now u even stopped riding with me! i think we're fallin apart v! lol. dude, more hooters!! lol. dude, we're juniors now!! no more buses!!  sweet. lets make this year fuckin sweet!! later

Denise: DENIIIISE!! hows my little sister?  ur so cute. wat - ever. come on dave. awwwwwwwwwwwwww ur so fucking cute. dude, you havent said ne of that in sooo long!!!  so you're no longer a freshie!! you're now a little sophomore. aww man cant throw pennies at u nemore!! oh well. me u and v have to hang out a lot again. that was some awesome shit last year. really was. we had some goodtimes!! we need to all go to a cubs game or something. make some more good times. well denise, i hope you find better guys this year than last. lol.

Allison: Hey AL!!! hehehe, . so wuts cookin good lookin? so even though it took u three weeks to tell me u broke up with ur boyfriend, and then u defended my ex, and then it took u 2 weeks to tell me u got back with your b.f,  i still love you!! lol. u still owe me ice cream for my bday!! its december and u still owe me ice cream for my birthday in June!! and we still have to go play beach vball!! but but the beachers are closed now so when are we going to do that?? oy!!! darn you!! good luck with vball!! we still have to play. we havent played at all!! one day. ha. love you al!

Meghan - BEST FWIEND!!! Hi best friend.  i think its time to give u a totally new shoutout wuddya say?  so now that its like winter and schools in, we so dont hang out enough!! me u and bryce so need to hang out more often!! more sleepovers!!! more bowling!! god i miss the summer!!! i really do!!! the summer was such a fucking blast!! maybe once i start workin at kmart things will pick up. i love u best fwiend!!! bye best fwiend!!!

Baci - well well well, its Baci. so seriously, first semester last year, i hated u!! god i thought u were so fucking annoying, always kissing backstroms ass. but then we got on the vball team and while i realized u really are a fuckin dumbass, i realized ur alright. ur stupidity is what makes it ok to be around u. it provides us with entertainment! lol. my only loyal day and evening ride taker!! this years gonna be fuckin awesome!!! go 6th period lunch!!! later guy.

Liz: Hey my sexy LIZ!! Volleyball sux! naw, its ok. thanks to the von v-ball teams i've actually grown to like it.  actually, vball is mah sport now!  lol. i never really did get my homecoming dance, so u owe me a dance.  we have to hang out or at least talk for once. ur gonna pick me up from school one day. since u get out earlier than me. ur definitely at least a nine, seriously.  im a 13.5 out of 10! damn im sexy. lol.  love ya liz! xoxo GO LADY PANTHERZ

Lori- HEY my lori!!!! ur soooo cuteee!!!!! god i love ur ass. hehehe. i wanna make out with u again. i love the way u suck on my tounge, lol.  lor, when are we giong skinny dipping.  remember, u and nikki share me. lol, well, actually i guess i all yours now!! lol  and u still owe me something, lol. one day, hehehe. go lane for we are here to cheer for u. pantherz suck. cept the volley ball team, they rock, i love u lori!!!

Justine - I BEAT YOU IN POOL!!! HAHAHAHA. wow, that was like so long ago!you are so welcome to come skinny dipping in my pool netime. or if u want to just get naked with me thats cool too.remember, you call me whenever u need a friend to talk to. lol. i may not kno ya that well but i still love ya. i love ya like a friend.

Caitlin - CAITIE!!! YES I SPELLED IT RIGHT!!! so hows the sexiest cheerleader at lane?  lol. Brit Lit was awesome last year, all cus ur there. hehe. i think having that class together has gotten us closer again.  its too bad we dont talk much anymore, i dont care if karolina glaz is polish and a bitch, shes fucking hot. introduce me so sux that she quit cheerleading! lol. i love u caitlin. i still do. this year was great! im really glad we got over all that shit from 8th grade and we're really close again!!  love ya

Jojo: JOJO!!! im glad we're cool agian. nehoo, it sucks you dont go to von anymore, cus i can like never see you!! we have to get together and do something one day. maybe get a bunch of people together and do something. thatd be cool. even if i dont see ya anytime soon, it's great talkin to ya again!! it really is.  love ya xo!
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