My guitar!
My camera is a piece of shit, and the flash is all fucked up, so to show you all of my guitar, i had to take several pics of it.
I love my guitar. I'm not very good at it yet and i don't practice nearly as much as  i should, but i love my guitar. It's my third baby. i love ole blue.
Fender Squier Stratocaster.
I took this one so you could really see the color. Isn't it gorgeous? The blue isn't as shiny as i would like, but i still love the blue.  I want a new pickguard(for all you non-guitarists thats the big white part there), but i dont kno what color. I'm thinking either white pearl or some kind of black. go here and tell me what u think: Pickguards
This was a close up so you could see the body and color  better, but the fucked up flash doesn't let you see everything ont he picguard. But don't ya love that blue? I wan't a guitar with the american flag on it. That would be awesome.
I think this is the best one i have. It wasn't very good but then i played with the brightness on my picture program and it worked. Isn't it gorgeous? I think it is. Nice, plain, beautiful blue. I just wish i could play it like a real rockstar.
Here i am, playing Ole Blue!! Yeah, like i was actually playing it. I haven't played my guitar in like a month.  That's why i suck so bad.  I lost interest.  But maybe one day i'll pick it up again and become the best guitarist EVER!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!
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