More pictures!!
So i ran out of room on my first page of pictures, so i had to create a 2nd one!! More pics of my fucked up friends!
This is mah babez Eileen!! That's mah gurl!! She has such a beautiful smile, doesnt she? I dont remember if i had a game this day or what, but we were in the gym and she came in and i was playing with her silky legs and we took this picture. I love this picture. Its really nice!! We look so good there dont we? hehehe. love ya babez!
Thats me, Cali, and Sam!! This picture looked really good when it was bigger but then i made it small and it kinda looks bad now. i mean yeah sams fucked up in the pic, but making the pic small really made me and cali look worse. oh well. we still look good!!
Aww aren't we cute? This was at like 5 in the morning, after not sleeping at all since we had a midnight flight back to Chicago. so we're running on like no sleep here. but i had been squeezing Cali's cheeks all week and i asked for a pic of it and she said ok. hehe, I love that girl!!
Those are all the pictures i have right now but i will definitely get more, and when i do, ill put them up here.
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