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Hope Hope (part two) Mania Raw Vision Last Writes The Lonely One
Sex $ells Only Unhuman Choice Alone Alone (part two) My World
Stasis Love & Hate Life & Death Sleepless - A Dream Growth
Samantha Darkness & Light Image Scream Catalysis (Stephen's World) Catalysis (Alyshia's World) Control Violation Mirror Color of Life Journal Soul Storm Alone (I'm better off dead) Insanity Addict

Censory Deprivation Confusion Rubber Stamp Democracy Homeless Killer Lifeblood Love Mother's Day Midnight Money Obsession Rage Sleep Split-second Society Stress Sunday Weapon Whispers Zombie Outsider Soulstrom Destiny Square Peg Daylight Muse ManChild Life NightWind Turbulence Future
Seeds of Passion Cannibalism for Fun and Profit Couch Potato
The Gift Diary
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 Barney Catalysis Firebug Fun Shit Hardcore James Matt
The Killing Room Rats
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Kentley Client Profiles
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Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note

'Vincent' (c) 1991 Shannon Ginther

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