Arwen's Bridge Dress

Arwen's role is mucho expanded in the Lord of the Rings movies where-as she only made one short appearance in the trilogy in Tolkien's books, and in the appendices of The Return of the King. I have taken much pleasure in recreating her costumes from the movie, especially for myself.
When I saw the Bridge Dress, I knew that I simply had to have it… unfortunately, it was one of my first LotR recreations so as you can see, I did not put in the effort enough to make an exact recreation… I just liked the idea of the sleeves… heh heh…

For the pattern, I used Simplicity 9125, which had a good basis for the sleeves and the length… I used a white stretch jacquard, lined the bodice with tafetta, and did a half and half sort of deal on the sleeves… the top half in jacquard, the lower half in white chiffon. For a train, I made a detachable cape out of white chiffon that draped out across the floor. Not too bad, eh? I wore a wig (yes I only wish that was really my hair…) from (med. Chestnut deluxe witch). I also sewed little white pearls on the bodice (just about seven or so) to accent it. The necklace was something from my jewelry stash (yay jewelry stash!) and the headpiece (which you can't see very well) was something I made out of several old necklaces (now she gets creative…)
Anyway, the actual dress from the movie is beaded silk The neckline drapes in the movie (you can tell I got a little lazy, heh heh…). The bead pattern, in case you're wondering, is a single clear flat sequin with a seed bead in the middle. That is repeated every inch or so. Hopefully I will get to make this dress in detail (I was thinking prom, if I get lucky enough to find a date… ::grumble:: )

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