Arwen's Dream Gown

Aragorn's dream about being back in Rivendell with Arwen at sunrise…(Maybe a flashback more-so). Gorgeous dress, absolutely gorgeous. Done in the style of the Greek chiton (very few actual seams) in two layers of opaque lavender silk…
My version:
My dream gown was made primarily for a performance I was doing of Enya's "May It Be" so mine is not quite elven lingerie, so to speak. ^-^
I used some random pattern for a sleeveless dress with a cowl neck that was cut on the bias. For the underlayer, I used a light lavender lining fabric. For the overlayer, I used light purple chiffon.
Modifications: side slits, zipper in the underlayer only in back, triangular pieces of fabric hanging from the arm holes for the draping effect, and I wrapped the straps in chiffon strands to make them slimmer.
I made the circlet because I have a sort of big forehead and don't look very good with my hair pulled all the way back. It's a simple wire braid with little swirls every 1-2 inches. It was a lot of fun to wear this dress. ^-~

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