Arwen's Chase Dress

For this costume, I got strangely obsessed with perfection… unfortunately, I did not achieve perfection and I still have not achieved perfection… Here's what I did wrong: I left out those darn sleeve caps, collar looks a bit too wide, front closing should be smoother, need to fix the sash, the front lacing should be silk sashes like the back sash, and I need to take in the bodice just a tad (You can see that it bunches up a bit).
The Pattern:
I didn't really follow a set pattern on this costume, I mostly had to draft. To make it, the references I used varied, but I had a lot of help from Simplicity 9891 and some older patterns that are out of print, but showed the form of the rolled collar very well.
The fabric:
The main fabric I used was grey ultrasuede bought on ebay (5 yards for $15.51). The other fabric was a little more expensive; a filmy grey satin lining. The undersleeves were cut from a white crinkle cotton peasant skirt ($.50 at Deb's)
Grey suede boots were bought on ebay ($15). The wig is from, deluxe witch in medium chestnut brown ($25). Self braided. The belt buckle is made of sculpey and spray painted silver with a clear sealer coat. "Evenstar" is not really a replica, but a necklace I bought at a department store that just happened to resemble the shape. (I later made my own evenstar out of sculpey)
The sword was a $2 plastic samurai sword and I renovated it with elven designs to make it look similar to Arwen's.
Dark green velvet gloves added later.
Costume details:
The collar design is yarn stitched in random criss crossing patterns. (It took five hours, but was well worth it).
The white design on each shoulder is a simplified version of the actual design, done in fabric paint.
The lacing is Tejas grey suede lacing (ebay $8 for 25 yards). For the belt buckle, I loop stitched it onto a piece of grey ultrasuede and for the tie, I made a grey sash of the lining/underskirting that ties in the back.
The two front skirt panels overlap the back ones, and the back ones are gathered slightly in the back.
The underskirts are made of the lining and are two gathered panels.
I didn't get plum riding breeches, just wore some dark sweat pants underneath.
Belt buckle made from sculpey.

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