Eowyn's Brown Coat

Fully functional, wonderful to wear, three-season coat! Woo hoo!!!! I saw this coat in the movie and I said, "I need that coat…" So I made it.
My version of Eowyn's Brown Coat was designed not only for costume-wear but for wear as a real coat. So I made a few adjustments. First of all, the closing in front is not false, it is functional. The coat isn't as long as the one in the movie so it's easier to walk around. I also put a sash in at the back for shaping.
I used a knee-length duster pattern with a scooped neck to make my coat and developed it from there.
For fabric, I used chocolate brown nordic fleece. (It's a really good choice by the way. Even though the real coat has a light floral texture to it up close, this will give the feel of that texture from a distance. It's also really great to work with). For the fur trim, I used strands of faux fur (not fun to work with). I used brown bias tape down the center seams and used the remaining bias tape to make ties for the sleeves. I couldn't find satisfactory buttons (gold flowers with pearl centers) so I bought some really cool gold medieval buttons with an intricate gothic flower pattern engraved on them. The center pin is something my uncle gave me as a present for fixing his computer. It worked quite nicely.

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