..POLIVOKS - legendary 2 osc poly synthesizer (Katchkanar factory)
..AELITA - 3 osc (6 voice unison) synth (Murom factory)
..ALTAIR-231 - 3 osc killer synth “Russian Minimoog” (Zhitomir factory)
..RITM-2 - compact power monosynth (Kirov factory)
..RMIF TI-3 - analog poly synth station (Riga factory)
..JUNOST’21 - guitar like portable poly synth (Murom factory)
..ALISA-1377 - 1 osc melodic synth (Lubertsy factory)
..ALISA-1387 - 2 osc melodic synth (Lubertsy factory)
..CADANS S-12 - digital-analog poly synth (Tula factory)
..ELECTRONIKA-25 - poly strings synthesizer (Moscow factory)
..ELECTRONIKA-26 - vocoder synthesizer (Moscow factory)
..FORMANTA EMS-01 - organ+2 osc mono synth (Katchkanar factory)
..TOM-1501 - fat strings-piano synth (Tula factory)
..KVINTET - brass-strings poly synth (Katchkanar factory)
..ELECTRONIKA-04 - vintage string-machine (Moscow factory)
..MAESTRO - poly synth with arpeggiator (Katchkanar factory)

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