t  h e    s t e p s   o f    m e m o r i e s  

The raccoons are no longer playing in the rice fields, and have all gone home.  A quiet breeze stirs the trees and I find myself alone again, naturally.

travel 1

 l i f e


 travel 3


     travel 2 


up close 

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Welcome to my homepage. My name is Yeu Jou and I'm just a regular Singaporean guy with some pictures to show for all those years of being. So, come walk with me the steps of memories. And perhaps, one of these days I'll have your picture in my homepage too.


S i g n   m y   g u e s t b o o k         V i e w   m y   g u e s t b o o k

 Light fades and shadows near. I have no place to go, none that I want to. As I lay me down quietly in the field, I find myself alone again, naturally. 



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