S e e   t h e   j u n g l e   w h e n   i t ' s   w e t   w i t h   r a i n

 [Above] 1. Panoramic shot of Berkelah Falls in Pahang, Malaysia, with my good friend Howard.
 [Above]  2. Trekking in the cool of morning hues. I liked this picture very much, and it's easy to see why.
 [Above] 3. A rush of water through lush greens and  jagged paths.
 [Above] 4. A pause, a rest and a picture of the trek.
 [Above] 5. One for the company, two for the road, three of the rest - a pause, a look, and ready to go.
 [Above] 6. Chilling out - also one of my favourite (non) activity


[ Left ] This is a picture of Howard looking very comfortable in his lounge chair!

Of all places to have a lounge chair, this takes the cool!

[Below] On the road again.

[Below] Hitch hiking on a pick up truck.

[Above] I am not sure what Howard was doing then, but it's certainly a cool pose.

[Above and below]

A rush of cold water in pools of foamy whites and emerald greens.

[ Left ] A candid shot of Howard in his lounge chair.

At the moment the picture was taken, Howard was saying he's so relaxed, he could just drool.



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