Fire Garden  The Crying Machine
   There's a Fire in the House
   Mysterious Murder of C Tiera's lover
   Hand On Heart
   Fire Garden Suite: AngelFood
   Fire Garden Suite: Taurus Bulba
   Warm Regards
 Alien Love Secrets  Bad Horsie + solo
   Die To Live
   The God Eaters
 Sex And Religion  Rescue Me Or Bury Me
   Still My Bleeding Heart
 Passion And Warfare  Liberty
   Answers + G3 ending
   For The Love Of God
   The Audience Is Listening
   I Would Love To
   Blue Powder
 Flexible  Viv-Woman
   The Attitude Song
 w/ Whitesnake  Fool For Your Loving
 Other  Amazing Grace

 Joe Satriani  Home
 Time Machine  The Mighty Turtle Head
   Speed Of Light
 The Extremist  The Extremist
   Summer Song
   Tears In The Rain
 Flying In A Blue Dream  The Mystical Potatoe Head Groove Thing
   One Bug Rush
   I Belive
   Day At The Beach
   The Forgotten Part 1
 Surfing With The Alien  Satch Boogie
   Surfing With The Alien
   Always With Me, Always With You