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Here are some cool text files about Megavolt.

"Light of My Life" : A poem by Angela

"Time For A Change" : A story by Aurora
"Dangerous Type" : A story
"Triptych" : A story

Stuff By Brandon

"Shlock Treatment" : A script by Mike Cervantes

Stuff by Captain Chaotica

"Ode To Megavolt's Butt" : A poem by

"The Pride and the Shame" : A story by Ricia Fedora
"Falling Toasters" : A poem based on "The Pride and the Shame"
"To Lead You Home" : A poem
"To The Tune Of An Electric Lullaby" : A story
"Till The End Of Time" : A story

"Static Shock" : A story by Maggie Griffin

"The Revolution Season" : A story by D. Jones

Untitled story for Ricia : A story by Lady J

"What A Ghoul Wants" : A story by Laserbeak
"Double Date, Double Trouble" : A story

Stuff By The Lauderdale

"Volt Fiction" : A "Pulp Fiction" parody by LL
"Grounded: Part One" : A story
"The Ice Cream Cone" : A story

"A Happy Ending For Sputterspark" : A story by Lomihahamech

"A Place Called Home" : A story by Mainecoon
"Hazel Watching..." : A poem based on "A Place Called Home"
"Remembering Alice" : A story
"Remembering Alice II: Karaoke Night" : A story
"Copyrat" : A story
"Moonshowers" : A story

"Why Megavolt Speaks to Lightbulbs" : A poem by Melissa
"Megavolt's Serenade, or, Lit Like A Bulb" : A song parody

"Dark Queen of the Sea" : A story by Cristi Muth

"This Megavolt Guy" : A song parody by Paris
"Pretty Fly (For A Bad Guy)" : A song parody
"The Duck Frying Song" : A song parody
"Lighthouse" : A "Labyrinth" parody

"One Finger in a Wall Socket" : A song parody by Matt Plotecher
"Pocket Full of Electrolytes" : A song parody
"There and Back...AGAIN?" : A DW/"Rescue Rangers" crossover

"An Ode To Megavolt" : A song parody by Rowena S.

"Shock Treatment" : A story (WARNING: "MATURE" CONTENT!) by Snap

"Back to Basics" : A story by the human Sparky

Stuff By Sparky (the robot one)

"Blast From The Future" : A story by Charlie Stadele

"My Kingdom For A Double-Plait Bolt!" : A story by Zebeckras
"Making Christmas Bright" : A story

Stuff By Zippy The Wonder Pest

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