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Having been around for nearly twenty years, TISM have finally warranted a greatest hits album, entitled tism.bestoff. The album was launched at Melbourne art gallery fortyfivedownstairs. Punters were given free wine and beer, sushi, pancakes and a handout on how to write a TISM song. *

Months after the fact, here's some pictures from the launch of tism.bestoff. (Stored at Brittletina)

TISM recently appeared in New Weekly's Women Who Are Still Shitloads Better Looking Than You Even With Zits, Hairy Armpits and More Crow's Feet Than A Marathon In Adelaide issue. Here's the pic. (Stored at Brittletina)
TISM Appreciation Week, January 2003. Up there with National Hugging Day (January 23) and National Cheese Day (January 22) as a relevant occasion.

Review of bestoff at New Zealand music mag, The Fix.

Review of bestoff from Bombshell zine.

Review of the Jock Cheese show at the Evelyn from Beat magazine, Melbourne.

Review of the Jock Cheese Platter from dB magazine, can't remember quite when.

Craplister Owen Brown's impressions of the Jock Cheese gig in Blaxland, NSW.

Articles about the Jock Cheese Platter appeared in Beat and InPress before Cheese's solo show at the Evelyn.

For those of you who never look at the front page, here's a page of comments on the Jock Cheese Platter.

I did a review of the Jock Cheese Platter for Rocknerd, then had to rescue it after the site went kablooie.

Craplist comments on the Wollongong Waves and Stonefest gigs.

Canberra Times article in the leadup to something called Stone Fest.

Talking The Amphetamine Strut, Revolver, 31/07/02.

An explanation of Saturday Night Palsy...

This Is Serious, Mum (you'd forgotten it was an acronym, hadn't you?) made it onto a list of the Worst Rock Band Names in a Florida street mag. In this list, though, "This Is Serious, Mum" is comparatively mild... (external link)

Melbourne - Review of the Friday show in Inpress, and of the Thursday show in Beat.

Craplister comments on the shows in Brisvegas and Melbourne, September 2002, and in Sydney October 2002.

What a funny old fellow is Humphrey... (Herald Sun, 21/09/02)

Two nearly identical interviews - Brisbane and Melbourne. A testament to Humph's ability not to give anyone an interview.

Brief squibs from around the web, including the JB Hi Fi website.

Admissable Evidence, from Scene in Brisbane. (Strictly speaking it's "admissible", but I suspect that might be deliberate...)

Review of tism.bestoff in Scene mag from Brisvegas.

Interview with Ron in the Adelaide Advertiser from July or so.

TISM: crunchy peanut paste suite from Rip It Up (Adelaide), 08/08/02.

Swinburne University's student rag Tabula Rasa got along to the bestoff launch and got an interview.

Check out the lyrics page for attempts at transcribing the bonus disc to tism.bestoff.

An interview with Humphrey B. Flaubert in Inpress (in which he mentions some inspirational literature), plus a review of tism.bestoff.

Review of tism.bestoff from dB in Adelaide. (This is by Brett Buttfield, so be warned, fawning ahead.)

Review of tism.bestoff from Time Off in Brisbane.

Review of tism.bestoff from Catalyst, RMIT student mag.

Review of tism.bestoff from Beat magazine in Melbourne.

Review of tism.bestoff from

Interview with Humphrey from Hype magazine, hosted at the author's website (external link).

TISM have apparently bought themselves a... actually I have no idea what this thing does. (External link, PDF - scroll down to the bottom to read "TISM vs Genesis 3") (Further to this, Dan C of the craplist tells me it's a kind of electronic effects pedal thinger.)


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